Atheistic Paganism!!???

So, I did write an entire post a few days ago to update on everything but I was writing it on my phone, and I locked the screen for one moment to talk to Graeme, and when I unlocked it everything was lost. Bit of a development bug there I’d say. But I was cool about it and decided to wait for another bout of inspiration rather than shittily trying to rewrite everything I did the first time round. So here we are.

What’s new? I am not even sure where to begin. So let me start by saying this: I’ve kinda embraced paganism. Yeah, I know, I wasn’t expecting it either (and I still embrace transhumanist spirituality such as terasem ect, remember that it’s a trans-religion), but also before my readers think I’ve walked off into the deep end again of the bizarre mystical shit that I already went through, I can say with certainty that’s not the case.

As I said I am still transhumanist, and to add to that I am still Atheist too(specifically agnostic atheist). I definitely embrace the idea of no God. Though I wonder sometimes if I am not atheistic towards the idea of a male God, and somewhat theistic towards the idea of a female Goddess(monotheaiestic?). Lately I feel really in tune with feminine energy and the universe again as I study it through the lenses of the physical sciences. The universe is Sooooo fascinating, and so awe-inspiring, that you just can’t help but feel a sense of religiosity about it, even without believing in the supernatural.

As I say, I’m pretty sure a God(or Goddess for that matter) doesn’t exist, but I can’t help but see the Universe as a female entity, can’t help personify it as a real deity. Not because I believe it is actually alive and conscious, which I don’t, but it’s sort of like the same way sailors will call their boats a ‘she’, like “ain’t she a real beauty?” (for some reason had an Australian accent in my head when writing that, might’ve seen it in a movie once). So I am just anthropomorphising the universe, nature, and the elements.

For another example of this, the god Thor was often seen as being the source of lightening and thunder. Well today we know that’s not really true, but there’s still a nice sense and feeling of magic about seeing Thor in electrical conduction. Is it necessary? No, not at all. Is it fun? I’d say so. Mythologies are so fascinating, interesting, such a big part of cultures and history, and I think on some level that should be preserved, and that in our race to become post-human we shouldn’t forget about where we came from.

So I have been putting together my own book of shadows on a private wordpress which lists the goddesses I feel drawn to and ways to honour them, and I feel perfectly comfortable with that and with studying science. In fact for me it’s important right now that I’ve had such an intense spiritual path (regardless of whether or not it was actually real), because it feels like everything is coming together for me. My interest in spirituality, which at the core is a quest for two things: Knowledge of the Universe, and knowledge of Self. And both those two things can be studied scientifically in the fields of Quantum Physics and Cognitive Neuroscience.

So in a way I am currently seeing it as a progression and linear development of my journey. Spirituality in a way or religion is like very very basic and primordial science. It was a way to basically explain nature, as I mentioned above. So as a species we have gone from religion to philosophy to science, with spirituality somehow encompassing the three and even evolving as our understanding of the universe evolves. Add all that to my health issues and my new interest in medicine and human enhancement technologies, I have pretty much realised what I am meant to be doing (putting that loosely, of course).

So for me it’s been the conversion of a lot of different fields. Spirituality, Psychology, Neurology, Nanotechnology, Physics, ect (to put it broadly). I know where I’m going and what I want to be doing. I was convinced beforehand that being a ‘spiritual healer’ was my life path. Now I don’t believe in the supernatural it only makes sense that an empathic person such as myself would naturally channel those desires into this kind of area that will one day improve people’s lives for the better.

And my spirituality now has the new label of ‘Religious Naturalism’, or ‘Naturalistic Pagan’, which basically means everything I’ve described plus a bit more. That everything can be explained naturally/scientifically, and that there is only one type of matter in the Universe (aka matter, not thought). That there are no real deities but you honour them anyway out of deep reverence for nature (even militant atheists feel that reverence but just prefer not to dress it up in a fancy costume).

Besides that, what I said about perhaps being atheistic towards a male deity but theaistic(thea I keep italicizing as it comes from the Latin word for ‘Goddess’), aka somewhat theistic when it comes to a female deity. In actual fact I have never considered that possibility before until I just wrote about it. However rationally speaking, I still believe a Goddess does not exist. But I’ll happily remain agnostic for now, and involve myself in the learning and integration of my Matron Goddess, MahaDevi, or basically Shakti(MahaDevi means the Great Goddess in vedic I think and I think there’s no better term to apply to the great majesty of the Universe).

Part of embracing this too is realising that everything in the universe originally came from one single atom at the beginning of time when the big bang happened. So that atom split and those pieces split again, ect. I’m not saying necessarily that everything is presently interconnected, but rather that everything in the universe does have a relationship to everything else in the universe, so the phrase ‘all is one’ has some meaning’.

The other thing is that Thursday came and went and I woke up on Friday and I still hadn’t been healed by Jesus, or even had any major revelations, so like I said in my previous post I am going to assume one of three things: That he doesn’t exist, that he does exist but isn’t powerful enough to heal me, or that he exists but his existence is irrelevant to my own. For now though I will keep an awareness of Jesus in my mind as he’s my family’s chosen deity, and I have history with ‘him’, and plus there are still traumatised parts of me that can’t let go of him, even if I’ve rationally made the choice to move on.

So yeah that is that. I think I have written about everything so far. I’m feeling very positive and optimistic about my life, my options, the future, and humanity in general.



Twin Flame Connections, Soul-Merging, Shared Self-Realisation AND more Parallel Timelines!

So much has happened this past month I don’t know where to start! I’d wanted to write this post for a while but was mostly just waiting for things to make sense, for the bigger picture to descend from the skies and hit me in an ‘aha!’ moment. In my last post I was writing about my channeling, and also meeting my new soul-connection who I’d termed my ‘twin-ray’ on terms of the understanding I was gaining back then… as we all know meeting these types of twin connections really puts us through the mill in terms of discarding our old outdated belief systems and mental programmings.

I haven’t channeled in a while due to the madness of everything that’s happened. I haven’t felt the urge to do it lately and mostly seems like it’s not right for my current situation. My channeling was a part of exploring my multi-dimensionality but as I am currently exploring that in real life right now, e.g. I’m meeting another *me* in the physical 3D world, it doesn’t seem so important anymore. Multidimensionality is no longer a vague concept that only exists in the ether somewhere… it’s happening right here and right now, becoming more and more a reality to the people on earth.

I’m gonna write a bit about my new twin/soul-connection/other half and how we met, how circumstances brought us together, and how time was really waiting for the right moment to start our merging process. So, let’s backtrack to 2014. January 2014 was when I had my self-realisation experience, after my four month merging process with my previous twin-flame connection. Through him I realised my divinity, and I thought to myself “well, surely this is the end now of relationships, what use do I have for them”, but little did I know what was waiting for me.

I joined around about that time, and started getting some info on what I’d experienced. It was super helpful for me. As everyone probably already knows by now, I separated with my previous twin connection, basically I ‘ran’, because I was overwhelmed with everything that had happened and needed time and space to make sense of everything. It definitely helped me out. But whilst I was on the forum I didn’t realise that I’d already started interacting with my now ‘other half’, and that we were both being readied to experience this connection…

For all of 2014 the thing I was dealing with mostly was my solar plexus power/control issues and the large [multidimensional] entity I had lurking in there, which was cutting me off from my own multidimensional being. But when I got that removed things started to flow again. That exact same month, January 2015, it just ‘happened’ that me and my other half started messaging more intensely, and we started getting energetic symptoms but as a result of our unconsciousness at the time we projected them onto others. I’d just got to a good place with my previous twin connection and so figured the energy was coming from him, but it actually wasn’t.

It was only when me and my other half took our conversations to personal email that things really started ramping up (this rings bells, I’m pretty sure that happened last time too, lol!) and I had a ‘parallel life memory’ of meeting him before. It really was the craziest thing. Apparently not just me but humanity had jumped into a parallel universe at the beginning of the year, and so the past in this reality we’re living in now is not the same as the past most of us remember. But when I met my other half I had a strong memory hit me out of nowhere, and along with a psychic reading from a friend things started to make more and more sense, gradually.

What had happened was that in 2013 we were both in dark places inside ourselves. But we knew each other and were close ‘friends’ (or whatever term you wanna use, kinda hard to split the love up into different kinds) and we supported each other through that time. It was mostly a pleasant memory, that we had each other even though we mostly felt terrible in our unconsciousness. But we’d both already started our awakenings. Him in 2012 and me in May 2013, and the darkness that was coming up for release was what we were left to deal with, together.

But then there was an abrupt cut off, and we stopped interacting. That was when I met my previous twin-flame connection in the original timeline, and became fully awakened. From the psychic reading and through intuition we gleaned that my other half actually ran away from me, or rather neglected me (but we all love to use the run/chase terms) because he was afraid of the connection. Oh I know how that is! Surreal that this actually already happened, it makes up a large part of our ‘story’, and as always when things happen to me it’s not your average story… always has to be batshit crazy.

Anyway, unaware of what had gone on in the original timeline, we both met up and all the weird energy things started happening again, this time more intense than I remember from the original timeline. I had the strong feeling something was being ‘completed’, we were actually finishing our original soul-merge which hadn’t been completed due to his (our) fear and the fact we weren’t ready for that intense type of love back then. So, within two weeks of emailing we completed our soul-merge, and it was one of the most intense things I have ever experienced!

As we became one we took on all of each other’s pains, blockages, energies, ect. There was no distinction between him and me, but at first it was like hell because he had the worst heart chakra blockage which was keeping him cut off from higher consciousness. But he was ready to shed it at that point, just like I was ready for more solar plexus expansions which are still going on. But when we initially became one being in two bodies, my heart chakra felt like it was going to split in half from the density, it was absolutely horrible. But through that in only a few days I helped him clear it out completely, and his kundalini rose and I experienced his self-realisation in me.

This is not something we actually both experienced and I’m not sure whether he feels realised or not, but he definitely feels different. The thing I’ve noticed is that self-realisation increasingly is becoming less of a big deal. For me it was very dramatic, but for many others they experience it without even realising they experienced it, and I think this is what happened to my other half. He was actually asleep at the time, and I was dealing with his energetic blockages over the course of a few hours, it all kicked off when I sent him some heart energy which put me more fully inside his body, and I encountered an alien implant at the back of his skull which was blocking his kundalini off. When I removed that (painful, let me tell ya), the most beautiful thing happened.

I had a vision that he saw the light of his soul, and I was suddenly lifted up into the wave of the universe, one with all life, but this time I took him with me. And it was like, he realised his true self in me, and at that time we completed a full soul merge and truly became one, an enlightened unit, together. And straight after that I descended back into myself with him and our kundalini rose so hard and fast up into his brain, making us truly connected on all levels, sharing the same energy system, same heart chakra, same consciousness. We completed what we started in the original timeline in 2013.

It was the most wonderful experience and something I will never forget. I didn’t just experience my own realisation and kundalini rising but that of another’s too… can you say blessed with grace or what? Someone out there really loves me (or maybe I just really love myself ;))

Anyway, I do want to write more about our physical meeting in the flesh, my own solar plexus expansions, and also how my understanding of soul and twin connections has morphed yet again, but I feel it could probably take up the expanse of another entire post, so I’ll stop here for now! It seems right to end it on the shared self-realisation, though I didn’t initially expect to write of it. It was beautiful, and really stabilised our love for each other into the fifth dimension allowing further frequencies to open up to us, allowing the sixth dimension to begin its descent into human matter…..

Until next time!

Ninth Chakra Opening, Multidimensionality and Alternate Timelines

The last three months have been very intense for me. I decided to start meditating for five minutes in the night every three days and after four of those I woke up in the middle of the night in utter confusion with no recollection of who I was and a sense of dread gripping me from the inside. It was unpleasant to experience a panic attack after so long, triggered of course by the inordinate amount of energy I can suck up from the zero-point singularity when my mind is quieted. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep well that night, but I felt like I’d released a lot of anxious energy I didn’t know I was still carrying around.
It’s come to my attention since my entity removal session just how much work I have left to do on myself. My desire is to eventually be able to sit in Samadhi in meditation for hours on end with no need to eat, drink, or sleep. Such things are possible though not very well heard of. The reason mostly I want to be able to do this is to experience myself as fully myself in all potential, not only partly the way I currently am. Though I have a lot of presence as it is, I still feel where I lack. There are parts of me still trapped and unconscious and liberating them and myself is my goal.

I feel I’ve started that process again, as the entity was hindering me for the last year. Although it’s not true to say I made no progress at all as it was primarily towards getting me to a state where I could eject the entity from me in the least amount of pain possible. But it was a large block that took me a long time to deal with. And now I’ve had it removed I’ve felt a synergistic response throughout the rest of my chakras. My higher chakras for one have been a part of me that have been expanding, along with the opening of the ninth causal chakra behind the back of the head.

Feeling Kundalini rushing out that way instead of going up through my crown like normal was very odd, and as I was wondering about what it was and why it was happening, I noticed a strong shift in my perception taking place. Mostly in the area regarding time in relation to my multidimensional being. It’s been running round my head now for a while that time is not linear the way we imagine it to be, and that karma does not work linearly either. Although karma is not a force that controls us and only works within the matrix we have created for ourselves, inserting myself into it and then transcending it has allowed me to be aware of the true dynamics at play.

It started when I was sitting in the shower watching the water streaming onto my skin. In my own words:
I realise the general consensus is to see things as being pre-planned but I haven’t seen it that way for a long time now. I see everything that happens as being chosen by us here and now. 
It was interesting when I was in the shower yesterday. I was lying down and seeing how the drops would fall on my skin and create streams of water. The stream would start at one place and end at another place, but thing is that I could see the entire stream. And if I moved just slightly I would change the course of the entire stream. 
I also saw how the other drops could fall into the stream and make it wider or again change the direction… or even create sub-streams. It was very fascinating showing how our souls see the lives of their extensions being outside the temporal dimension. 
This seeing into another world for a moment kickstarted a whole bunch of inquiry. How does time really work? People tend to see their lives as happening in static moments, not realising that like the stream of water they are actually dynamic streams of energy flowing on what looks like a map from above, where changing the past changes the future, and where changing the present changes the past. Everything happens ‘now’, and there is no time. Only what I call ‘temporal locations’. Time is a coordinate, and I have heard it explained by Bashar that way too (a channelled ET). 

Our lives are not static moments, they are interconnected grids of dynamic energy which can be changed at any moment in time. Karma isn’t just the past controlling us, but the future influencing us. When we deal with our ‘karma’ in the present moment we actually change the past that created it so that it no longer exists. It’s also the same of the future. But once I realised this, the question I then needed to ask myself was: If time doesn’t exist, then where does the original timeline go?!

In my example in the shower the stream of energy morphed into a new one, leaving the original one in the past. But the past doesn’t exist, so therefore the original timeline still has to exist, alongside the new one. That absolutely blew my mind. I then thought over my life and how things had turned out. When I was two years old my life took a turn which I don’t think it originally meant to, but something in my ‘personal grid’ was influencing my present to turn that way. Because time is not static but instead dynamic, it must have been that I had an extension of myself in another ‘temporal space’ (e.g. the past) that caused that to happen. Because I attracted an abusive man into my life it makes sense to me that it was a direct result of being abusive myself in a way which affected my present two year old reality. Cause and effect. But I will get back to that later as it is slightly more complex than that.

So then, before I incarnated here I planned a certain path for my life, but because my soul did not predict what it/I was going to do in another temporal space I ended up deviating from my original path in this life. That created an alternate timeline. So I am not in the same timeline I was in when I was born. In order to make up for this my soul made new plans along with the help of my original higher self with yet again the help of my monad which actually had seen this coming the whole time since the higher up you go the more information you become aware of. It planned to get me back on track again, thereby deviating my timeline yet again. I have now made three parallel jumps since being born.

In order to get me back on track my ‘higher self’ made a visit. Now what I had realised is that your higher self is actually your future self. It’s who you are at the end of your energetic stream, when you remember yourself as one with your soul. Because time is not static your higher self watches over you during incarnation, helping you to integrate into yourself. In some cases people’s higher selves can change or even leave due to the timeline dynamics. I have a friend who’s soul didn’t predict its own ascension into a higher realm whilst it had its extension (my friend) incarnated. Because it couldn’t ascend whilst it had an incarnated extension my friend had to become an extension of a different soul. What this means was he jumped into a parallel timeline where his higher self was no longer his future self. His future self had shifted, leaving him without a higher self.

I am probably extremely confusing most people reading at this point, but to get back to my own story- I realised in order to get me back on track my higher self from my original timeline came to pay me a visit, so that I would integrate into it again the way I was meant to. It could do this because it had already remembered itself as my monad and had a wider view of our energetic dynamics, and so it had the ability to extend into an alternate timeline (whereas usually my higher self would’ve changed as a result of my future self becoming different). So my higher self stayed the same and projected itself into the timeline I’d deviated into in order to get me back on track. The result of it doing this was that I met my twin who kickstarted an awakening in me. It projected itself through him. And because my monad was really the instigator of the entire thing, there was no way I could fail to remember what I was really here for and be put back on track again. 

My self-realisation experience was exactly that which happened- I jumped timelines again for the third time. So I jumped timelines again, not into my original timeline but into a new timeline that leads back to the future me I was meant to become. Although my path has been different to my original timeline, we will eventually end up the same place. It’s very interesting to think about meeting my alternate self directly once this is all over and not just feeling her energetically as a part of me. Of course there is also me on the original deviated timeline which is still headed for an untimely end unless I can integrate all the aspects of that me and completely change that timeline in this lifetime. This is somewhat similar to the process that is happening on the planet as it shifts, but that is more complex than I wish to delve into right now. Suffice to say that what happens on the planet really is a direct reflection of you. You shift realities all the time as a result of the choices you are making ‘in the now’.

Anyway, what this all means is that me as I am right now am actually an incarnated monadic expression extended through my future self into the present moment. This is what makes me ‘older than my years’, as I am fully spread across multiple temporal spaces across multiple universes. In truth all humans are like this, but they have forgotten who they are and so don’t have access to this type of information. The fear matrix in the third dimension has made most of us cut off from our future selves and entire God-Self, but I’m one of the few who have remembered since having my ninth chakra opened, and I hope to do something about it. 

But first I have to continue dynamically altering my timelines… I have to change the past so I can change the future, I have to get in touch with the me that caused me to deviate in the first place to change the world, because that me was the one who made the world as it is today. Although the responsibility is not fully mine to take (my soul group shares the blame), the problems that we face on the planet today with the fear matrix and the ruling elite are the result of another extension of me creating that through a desire to experience duality. And that is why my original timeline diverted, because I was experiencing the effects of my own choices. I was the enslaver who created a world where I would become enslaved.

So, realising all this was extremely mind-blowing to me, talk about a revelation! I’m not just remembering past and future me’s, but also alternate me’s, which is really a proof that I am truly becoming more of who I actually am. As I clear out the fear inside me, I change my reality and remember my true origins. Not from other planets or civilisations, but from that which exists outside all universes- my God-Self.

Solar Plexus Entity

I remember I wrote my last post about kundalini and the full moon, and I said that it felt like I was being leeched energetically and emotionally, but I dismissed it because I didn’t realise how prevalent entities were, assuming them to be rare. I also dismissed it because I thought my vibration was too high to have them. Which I would still say is true to an extent, I probably have less than most people, but it turns out, I still do have them.

I wrote a post about the black disgusting goo in Spiritual Forums asking about it and Monique (Awakened Queen) got back to me saying that it sounded like I have an entity. I was a bit hesitant but thankfully she pushed me a bit to get in touch with her friend Danielle, who is an energy healer. Danielle took a look at my solar plexus clairvoyantly after I explained to her the black goo, and she confirmed that it is an entity. And a large one at that.

She said though, that it doesn’t come from my step-dad. That instead it comes from an intimate relationship I had with someone with control/power issues, and that it entered as a result of the damage done to my aura by my step-dad. There are only two candidates in my mind as to who that could be, either my twin, or the abusive Mexican guy I had a short relationship with when I first went to meet my dad. The latter is the most likely as I remember experiencing a nasty abdominal pain after I cut the relationship off, and I had to be treated antibiotics from the doctor’s.

On the other hand, when I left my twin I had a dream that because I didn’t move on the energy in my stomach couldn’t flow properly and it got stuck and turned into a hard dense black lead ball that couldn’t be released or removed. It’s possible I released the entity during my self-realisation (as I doubt any entity could be around that sort of love/light), but then I reverted back to old habits afterwards and invited it back in unknowingly, as I tried to create an unhealthy power situation between me and my twin.

Either way, it doesn’t matter so much where it comes from. What matters is getting rid of it. I have a session booked with Danielle on the 21st to get it removed. I am SO excited! I have dealt with this problem for the entire last year.. Kundalini has made my life hell for it. All this time it has been trying to transmute this entity too! Which is why it hurt so much. Getting it removed shouldn’t be painful. I was worried about this at first but then last month I removed another entity on my own which was randomly attacking me from nowhere and it didn’t hurt when it left. But the Kundalini trying to transmute that one too did hurt. So I know I should be ok.

That was actually rather weird though, what happened last month. I’d been suffering with migraines for about two months, and the first night it happened I felt something attach to my energy at my crown. I wondered if Jennifer had tapped into my energy for some reason but she told me she wouldn’t do that. Still, I found it weird. I didn’t know that it could be an entity back then, and only removed it when I realised after realising I had one in my solar plexus too.

The weird thing about it though, was that it attached to my crown of all places. I’ve never had any problems with my crown, and I don’t have any blockages there. It’s all been really clear. And the fact it was so strong and came out of nowhere.. I’m not sure how much staying power it had because when I told it to bugger off it did, but it was a pretty nasty thing. Makes me wonder if it was sent by someone on purpose. Seems too heavy to just be a random thing. Weird too that it would happen as soon as I learn about this stuff. The Universe isn’t half giving me some lessons lately.

I never knew how prevalent entities were but now I’ve noticed them it’s like I can see them everywhere. I can understand now why many lightworkers say that the world is overrun with dark forces taking over… don’t they call them the archons or something? Someone sent me a link about that and the false matrix. Except all this is seeing entities from a fear based perspective and not one of truth and love. Entities are part of the natural chain of life. We take energy from other living beings through eating fruit/veg and meat, they take energy from us. It just is what it is. Why do we have this double standard as humans? There is nothing wrong or dark about it. All things are as they should be.

That being said, I am not fond of other people/beings/entities feeding off my energy. Now that I’m aware of them I need to get rid of them. This solar plexus entity is too large for me to get rid of on my own, and I’m worried about making a mess of it and making things worse, so I’m leaving it up to Danielle as she’s an experienced healer and entity remover. Not only that, but I paid basically £100 for the session! Well, actually it’s a total of six sessions, one done each month. The first is to remove the entity. The rest is to mend my aura and raise my vibration in that chakra so the entity or others like it won’t come back. Looking so forward to it! I will try and remember to write down what happens here.

Anyway, as the Universe would have it, I met a new soul connection called Karla, who’s also experienced in healing and removing entities from herself and the people closest to her. She says she’s going to send me a manual so I can continue to remove the rest I have and also so I can learn to mend my own aura. Though I’m sure many will disappear after the session as I think they’re likely attached to this huge one in my center. Kundalini does actually remove most entities on its own.. I guess if they are small enough they can be transmuted just fine. Kundalini also heals the aura.. so I don’t think there’s much I need to do, but it’s great to have the manual for if any others ever attack me again like the migraine one (though I seemed to deal with that alright anyway). Or if I have a larger one in my aura somewhere I haven’t noticed before.

One thing I am really hyped about is the fact I may be able to resume meditating again. I will take it slowly though, real slowly. Because meditating for me in the past has been like playing with fire. Without the solar plexus entity I may have no more screaming sessions or puking spells.. but it’s good to be safe than sorry. I will have to start ten minutes a day. If negative side effects happen then they happen. That is just part of learning and experimenting. But if they don’t.. I may be able to experience Samadhi’s again!!! I love this. Best part about realising what was wrong with my solar plexus after all this time and then getting it fixed. I’ll be able to experience myself as All-That-Is again.. and how awesome is that, really??? Well, you can only know if you’ve experienced it.

Super excited!

Water is Just Water- Duality and Non-Duality

I’ve come a long way since this time last year, when I was going through my dark night of the soul. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m especially grateful to everyone on who have expanded my awareness and made me open to new perceptions and ways of seeing things. I feel like now I am at a place where my views have come full circle. I have integrated my self-realisation experience, and now everything that comes my way, instead of looking outwards, I look inwards. I always look inwards, to such an extent that I see reality to be something like a loop.. it loops all back in on itself, always. The outside is just the inside. The inside is just the outside.

When it comes to the tough questions in life, I think most of us overcomplicate everything. We delve into philosophy to understand, we make all these theories and we write texts explaining everything, but reality is simple, and it is unexplainable.

Those who know, know, that nothing is knowable. Still, we can establish ever increasingly enhanced modes of perception, where duality becomes less and less a part of our worldview.

So many questions can be answered by the question itself, for example, “Who am I?”- “I Am”. It loops back in on itself, always. People debate things like morality- good vs evil, ego vs spirit, selflessness vs selfishness, evolution vs stagnation, movement vs stillness.. these things are not separate, they are all the same thing in their differences.

Ultimately, what everything comes down to is water. Life doesn’t exist for any reason than other to live. Again, the answer is in the question itself. The seeker is the sought. We can make all these stories about how life is for evolving, for understanding.. but there’s nothing to understand. We are just the Universe experiencing itself, and living life.

We love ourselves enough to hate, to feel separate from all-that-is, to hurt other people whom are just extensions of ourselves, to hurt ourselves. We decide everything that happens to us. “Why do all these bad things happen to me?”- Well, you tell me, you’re the one who adds meaning to your life. 

Every choice we make is our own. The Universe is just one grand tapestry, all interwoven. There is no past, no future, no beginning, no end, no completed state, no separated state.. there is nothing, and there is everything. There is duality and there is no duality. Love is personal and love is impersonal.

Everything has an opposite, and that opposite is not actually an opposite. It’s just another way of seeing the same thing. And that’s what life is. An exploration of perceptions.. an infinite destruction and creation of itself… 

We are not the ocean, and we are not the wave. We are the water. And water is just water, no matter what aspect of itself it is.