Expanding my Channeling Abilities & Realising my Unique Spiritual Gift of Connecting/Merging/Unifying Others Multidimensional-Selves, Plus my Newly Manifested Future with Daniel, my True Twin-Flame

Lots of things are happening right now in my personal journey. My channeling has really taken a front seat recently. First with channeling the Pleionians and now channeling my own multidimensional being and what I was told is my ‘core star self’, e.g. my universal multidimensional template, which apparently isn’t even the entire extent of me being that apparently I’m a multi-universal being, active in many different universes simultaneously. Though at the moment I am focusing on consciously reintegrating my different versions of self from this current universe. First that started with the Pleionians, future Pleiadians from a different dimension, and a self-described separate race from the current Pleiadians. From what I’ve learned through channelings the Pleiades is a common place starseeds make first star contact due to the Pleiadian resources being closest allies with earth. I get the feeling many other popular known planets operate for this exact reason too, such as Sirius and Arcturus, that they operate sort of as ‘outposts’ for human communication but once that is accomplished then other parts of our multidimensional being can be explored and realised in depth.

I haven’t posted all my Pleionian channelings of late onto this blog but I was rather saddened when they said goodbye to me a week or two ago with the intent of stepping out the way so I could come to know my ‘alurium-self’ in more depth. Being that I had to communicate for myself with my own different aspects of self rather than using them as an intermediary all the time, they wanted me to learn and grow on my own. It was sad, especially being that I’d remembered my bond with Nathaniel whom I would mainly channel and energetically merge with. Nathaniel was what many would know to be a twin-flame, and he often told me that we shared the same light body, unlike Dan whom I shared a soul with instead. The differences were very interesting and I learned a lot. I learned how to consciously soul-blend, instead of it happening for me at random. I have learned more how to take control of what my own system is doing. I’m very grateful for everything he/they have taught me and I know they are still actively watching me and are involved with my journey. They said as much, and they said I can talk when I want to. But the fact is it isn’t necessary anymore and I’ve learned what I needed to and am starting the next stage of my journey; conscious embodiment and utilisation of my own multidimensional being.

As of the moment I have come to the place where knowing exactly where these different beings are from is not so important. What is important now is the messages they have to offer me and humanity, the energies they have to impart and the experience which everyone can learn from. For they learn as much as I do when I channel them as much as I learn from them. I have learned to call different aspects at will for specific informations, and I am learning to switch between them and allow different ones in which are more suited for giving certain informations than others. I have learned more about my light body which is apparently my 4th density self which I have fully embodied and integrated into my 3rd density physical body making it effectively non-existent now. And I have learned that through coming to know my 4th density body more through the channeling I can learn all my different abilities and spiritual gifts which I am now opening up to.

In the past I was afraid of channeling because I was not in the right place energetically to be able to carry all these different high frequencies. My solar plexus was in too bad of a state. But as I have dealt with my fears one by one and allowed myself slowly to trust myself more and the universe, I am not as worried and I am slowly becoming to believe in my own divine power more. I was told recently my most powerful gift is the ability to channel others multidimensional selves directly into their incarnated personality thus acting as an intermediary for others lower selves and higher selves to unite. Basically, I am able to awaken people just as my karmic twin awoke me. How awesome is that! I can act as the trigger for other people’s awakenings and for their multidimensional uniting of self. It’s such a gift to me to realise I can do this, and slowly I have been expanding myself, channeling others higher aspects, doing readings for them, and being the medium which lower and higher selves can reunite as one. Because earth is so dense I was told that higher aspects find it difficult to access their incarnated personality. So this is where I come in! And Dan is very important to this process too being that he is the grounded one of us, I pull down the higher energies and he grounds them into physical reality. We can really do a lot of good between us both, being perfectly complementary!

I am very pleased to learn about this. The more time goes on the more empowered I feel, and the more I feel I am coming more into what I’m truly meant to be doing on this earth. I was told I am a ‘connector’, that it’s my very nature to unite other people/souls/beings through my own being. I was told that it’s a path that offers infinite self-expansion because you are essentially merging partially with all these different persons and beings and it expands your own multidimensional-self, making you a seriously large personality. That is apparently why I am multi-universal, because this is what I do. I act as a relay and in order to do that I have to be able to hold all these different frequencies, which means constantly expanding expanding expanding self. No wonder I have so many different soulmates and twin-flames! I am not limited by new age definitions, I refuse to be. What I have experienced is that I can merge with any one and any being I so desire. I am not stuck in a box and pining over any one person. I realise more than ever now that I can connect with whomsoever I so desire, as long as the incarnated personality has the same level of awareness on earth then it doesn’t matter who they are, because a connection and union can be consciously made! I am at that stage now.

And Dan has been a HUGE catalyst towards me realising and embodying these things, becoming more of my true self. Neither of us are invested in the illusion of exclusivity, because on higher levels love is love and love is all and love does not discriminate. Love is everywhere and we only have to consciously connect to it, and this is what I have come to express on earth, to show that this process can happen with anyone you so desire at any time, with conscious awareness…. you are not limited, stop thinking you are! We are all unlimited beings and it’s wonderful.

We are really learning and growing so much together, and we have been feeling the urge of spirit recently to move away from our individual homes and create our own life together. It is something that just feels right, and my sense is that it will happen within the next year. Neither of us are pushing for anything but just allowing the universe to work its magic- if it is meant to be then it will be. Manifestation is not meant to be difficult, we only have to be in alignment with our true self. And that is what we are doing, allowing things to happen on their own, life is meant to be easy, things are meant to come towards you! And that is what is happening for us. Our true life purpose together will be starting very soon, and moving in together feels a large part of it, because our energies just really complement each other and it feels like we are not meant to be anywhere else, that our vibrations are best around each other. We bring out each other’s true selves.
Dan at the end of September finishes his two year work contract which was honestly just perfect timing. We have enough money to last us a little while as we are given time by the universe to relax whilst it cooks up all that is coming our way. I truly believe only great things are coming our way, together, as one, and that we will really help change the world in a positive way once we have united permanently in the physical. And for the time being we are just coming more into our gifts and abilities and true selves, and it is like a preparation period before we can really put everything into practice for the betterment of other selves. We have already done most of the hard work, now there is not much left but plain sailing, fun and happiness, and enjoyment of knowing more of who we really are, both individually and together. It truly is an amazing journey and I am so glad that I am at this stage. I want so many others to be at this stage too, to forget the twin-flame illusion, to realise they, YOU, have the power to create! What I can do is not exclusive, I want everyone to step into their own power in exactly the same way, to realise they are not finite limited beings who are subject to fate, that they can really put the work in and have an amazing life with amazing persons, whether incarnate or non-incarnate, and really experience for themselves their own beautiful infinite and unlimited multidimensional Self. Life is so wonderful, truly, but we have to be open to it and not clinging onto the past. Give yourself the Gift of Presence and really open up to who you truly are.

I love everyone reading this, and I just want to give hope and inspiration. I have come a long long way in the past two years, and every minute of my life something new and amazing happens, because I am open and allowing of these things to happen. I look to the future optimistically now more than ever and trust in what life has to offer to me, trust what I am creating for myself, and what I can do for others to help them too. I really believe in my own divine power now more than ever.

Next stop…. teleportation! 😉 (No kidding, guides said I could do this too, LOL. Well if that ever happens I’ll definitely blog about it, and I know someone who can teleport anyway so it is not so surprising! ;))

Thanks for reading 🙂


Ninth Chakra Opening, Multidimensionality and Alternate Timelines

The last three months have been very intense for me. I decided to start meditating for five minutes in the night every three days and after four of those I woke up in the middle of the night in utter confusion with no recollection of who I was and a sense of dread gripping me from the inside. It was unpleasant to experience a panic attack after so long, triggered of course by the inordinate amount of energy I can suck up from the zero-point singularity when my mind is quieted. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep well that night, but I felt like I’d released a lot of anxious energy I didn’t know I was still carrying around.
It’s come to my attention since my entity removal session just how much work I have left to do on myself. My desire is to eventually be able to sit in Samadhi in meditation for hours on end with no need to eat, drink, or sleep. Such things are possible though not very well heard of. The reason mostly I want to be able to do this is to experience myself as fully myself in all potential, not only partly the way I currently am. Though I have a lot of presence as it is, I still feel where I lack. There are parts of me still trapped and unconscious and liberating them and myself is my goal.

I feel I’ve started that process again, as the entity was hindering me for the last year. Although it’s not true to say I made no progress at all as it was primarily towards getting me to a state where I could eject the entity from me in the least amount of pain possible. But it was a large block that took me a long time to deal with. And now I’ve had it removed I’ve felt a synergistic response throughout the rest of my chakras. My higher chakras for one have been a part of me that have been expanding, along with the opening of the ninth causal chakra behind the back of the head.

Feeling Kundalini rushing out that way instead of going up through my crown like normal was very odd, and as I was wondering about what it was and why it was happening, I noticed a strong shift in my perception taking place. Mostly in the area regarding time in relation to my multidimensional being. It’s been running round my head now for a while that time is not linear the way we imagine it to be, and that karma does not work linearly either. Although karma is not a force that controls us and only works within the matrix we have created for ourselves, inserting myself into it and then transcending it has allowed me to be aware of the true dynamics at play.

It started when I was sitting in the shower watching the water streaming onto my skin. In my own words:
I realise the general consensus is to see things as being pre-planned but I haven’t seen it that way for a long time now. I see everything that happens as being chosen by us here and now. 
It was interesting when I was in the shower yesterday. I was lying down and seeing how the drops would fall on my skin and create streams of water. The stream would start at one place and end at another place, but thing is that I could see the entire stream. And if I moved just slightly I would change the course of the entire stream. 
I also saw how the other drops could fall into the stream and make it wider or again change the direction… or even create sub-streams. It was very fascinating showing how our souls see the lives of their extensions being outside the temporal dimension. 
This seeing into another world for a moment kickstarted a whole bunch of inquiry. How does time really work? People tend to see their lives as happening in static moments, not realising that like the stream of water they are actually dynamic streams of energy flowing on what looks like a map from above, where changing the past changes the future, and where changing the present changes the past. Everything happens ‘now’, and there is no time. Only what I call ‘temporal locations’. Time is a coordinate, and I have heard it explained by Bashar that way too (a channelled ET). 

Our lives are not static moments, they are interconnected grids of dynamic energy which can be changed at any moment in time. Karma isn’t just the past controlling us, but the future influencing us. When we deal with our ‘karma’ in the present moment we actually change the past that created it so that it no longer exists. It’s also the same of the future. But once I realised this, the question I then needed to ask myself was: If time doesn’t exist, then where does the original timeline go?!

In my example in the shower the stream of energy morphed into a new one, leaving the original one in the past. But the past doesn’t exist, so therefore the original timeline still has to exist, alongside the new one. That absolutely blew my mind. I then thought over my life and how things had turned out. When I was two years old my life took a turn which I don’t think it originally meant to, but something in my ‘personal grid’ was influencing my present to turn that way. Because time is not static but instead dynamic, it must have been that I had an extension of myself in another ‘temporal space’ (e.g. the past) that caused that to happen. Because I attracted an abusive man into my life it makes sense to me that it was a direct result of being abusive myself in a way which affected my present two year old reality. Cause and effect. But I will get back to that later as it is slightly more complex than that.

So then, before I incarnated here I planned a certain path for my life, but because my soul did not predict what it/I was going to do in another temporal space I ended up deviating from my original path in this life. That created an alternate timeline. So I am not in the same timeline I was in when I was born. In order to make up for this my soul made new plans along with the help of my original higher self with yet again the help of my monad which actually had seen this coming the whole time since the higher up you go the more information you become aware of. It planned to get me back on track again, thereby deviating my timeline yet again. I have now made three parallel jumps since being born.

In order to get me back on track my ‘higher self’ made a visit. Now what I had realised is that your higher self is actually your future self. It’s who you are at the end of your energetic stream, when you remember yourself as one with your soul. Because time is not static your higher self watches over you during incarnation, helping you to integrate into yourself. In some cases people’s higher selves can change or even leave due to the timeline dynamics. I have a friend who’s soul didn’t predict its own ascension into a higher realm whilst it had its extension (my friend) incarnated. Because it couldn’t ascend whilst it had an incarnated extension my friend had to become an extension of a different soul. What this means was he jumped into a parallel timeline where his higher self was no longer his future self. His future self had shifted, leaving him without a higher self.

I am probably extremely confusing most people reading at this point, but to get back to my own story- I realised in order to get me back on track my higher self from my original timeline came to pay me a visit, so that I would integrate into it again the way I was meant to. It could do this because it had already remembered itself as my monad and had a wider view of our energetic dynamics, and so it had the ability to extend into an alternate timeline (whereas usually my higher self would’ve changed as a result of my future self becoming different). So my higher self stayed the same and projected itself into the timeline I’d deviated into in order to get me back on track. The result of it doing this was that I met my twin who kickstarted an awakening in me. It projected itself through him. And because my monad was really the instigator of the entire thing, there was no way I could fail to remember what I was really here for and be put back on track again. 

My self-realisation experience was exactly that which happened- I jumped timelines again for the third time. So I jumped timelines again, not into my original timeline but into a new timeline that leads back to the future me I was meant to become. Although my path has been different to my original timeline, we will eventually end up the same place. It’s very interesting to think about meeting my alternate self directly once this is all over and not just feeling her energetically as a part of me. Of course there is also me on the original deviated timeline which is still headed for an untimely end unless I can integrate all the aspects of that me and completely change that timeline in this lifetime. This is somewhat similar to the process that is happening on the planet as it shifts, but that is more complex than I wish to delve into right now. Suffice to say that what happens on the planet really is a direct reflection of you. You shift realities all the time as a result of the choices you are making ‘in the now’.

Anyway, what this all means is that me as I am right now am actually an incarnated monadic expression extended through my future self into the present moment. This is what makes me ‘older than my years’, as I am fully spread across multiple temporal spaces across multiple universes. In truth all humans are like this, but they have forgotten who they are and so don’t have access to this type of information. The fear matrix in the third dimension has made most of us cut off from our future selves and entire God-Self, but I’m one of the few who have remembered since having my ninth chakra opened, and I hope to do something about it. 

But first I have to continue dynamically altering my timelines… I have to change the past so I can change the future, I have to get in touch with the me that caused me to deviate in the first place to change the world, because that me was the one who made the world as it is today. Although the responsibility is not fully mine to take (my soul group shares the blame), the problems that we face on the planet today with the fear matrix and the ruling elite are the result of another extension of me creating that through a desire to experience duality. And that is why my original timeline diverted, because I was experiencing the effects of my own choices. I was the enslaver who created a world where I would become enslaved.

So, realising all this was extremely mind-blowing to me, talk about a revelation! I’m not just remembering past and future me’s, but also alternate me’s, which is really a proof that I am truly becoming more of who I actually am. As I clear out the fear inside me, I change my reality and remember my true origins. Not from other planets or civilisations, but from that which exists outside all universes- my God-Self.

Reinterpreting the Anima/Animus Function

In my last post I pretty much wrote a huge essay on how I thought perhaps everyone had both an anima and animus, and how that would justify modern developments such as gender identities and sexual orientations that are different to what was considered the norm in Jung’s day. However looking back I see a grand flaw in my theorizing. I was trying to take an already pre-existing heterosexual idea and make it fit the times, rather than starting again right at the beginning.

Trying to disconnect gender identity and sexual orientation completely from the anima-animus I found myself at the very beginning. What is the function of the anima/animus? What is it supposed to do? Stripped right to its bare bones the anima-animus function works as a psychopomp: a mediator between the conscious and the unconscious. Assuming that Jung thought the unconscious to be primarily or at least at first mostly comprised of the traits of the opposite sex, then it serves to reason that Jung believed the anima-animus function to be contrasexual. But what if the unconscious isn’t mostly made up of traits of the opposite sex? 

Dissecting the labels of the masculine and feminine further, we could say that the masculine and feminine are boxes that society has attributed a particular set of traits to. The masculine label is stereotypically portrayed as active, assertive, and logical, whilst the feminine label is stereotypically portrayed as passive, receptive, and emotional. However, at its heart, that’s all it is: labels. Especially with the changing times, gender these days is seen as more down to how a person feels personally rather than down to particular attributes they may or may not hold. Although at times the two may go hand in hand, it would be foolish to assume they’re the same thing. Gender identity then, is for the most part not connected to the anima/animus function. 

We could say, however, that due to heteronormativity within the collective unconscious, especially during the time in which Jung lived, a persons inferior traits will most likely be projected onto the opposite sex. A good theory that I have read elsewhere is that the purpose of the sexual and romantic attraction that is attached to the anima-animus figure is due to its need to disconnect the psychic energy from the mother figure and onto another external or internal being that has the traits we need to integrate in order to ‘complete us’. So basically it is most likely the way the Self draws our attention to it. And as most people are both heterosexual and keep a distinction between the masculine and feminine it serves to reason that the anima-animus function would probably most likely represent itself as the opposite sex within the larger population.

The more one integrates and finds their true Self, however, the less they need the sexual and romantic lure of the anima-animus function to mediate for them. This is where the wise old wo/man is seen to appear. What I assume is actually happening is that the ‘relationship’ one has with the anima-animus figure becomes less sexual and more platonic, and because of heternormativity it seems that the wise old wo/man would appear to be the same sex as the individual, instead of the opposite. So now instead of the anima-animus figure being needed to integrate for the individual, the wise old wo/man takes over to impart knowledge more directly so that the person can do it themselves now that their self-awareness has expanded enough. 

At this stage the unconscious has been brought out of the shadows enough to be structured and its contents are now more easily accessible to the figure that stands between the unseen and the conscious. In this way I see the wise old wo/man basically as a ‘level up’ of the anima-animus figure, the same figure but with an improved function and an improved way of going about things. If this seems hard to believe then consider how the function of the anima-animus in its most integrated state basically does exactly the same thing as the wise old wo/man. They are both one and the same, a guide and a helper to the hero, just in their different guises. The main purpose now of that figure which guards the unconscious is no longer primarily integration of the whole, but instead representation of the whole. No matter how much is integrated the entire Self cannot be accessed at all once, and that is where the wise old wo/man steps in. 

I propose then, that the anima-animus figure instead of being a contrasexual function, is actually the psyche’s center of integration. And the wise old wo/man is the psyche’s representation of the entire Self. Due to heteronormativity they may present themselves as the opposite sex and the same sex respectively, but it shouldn’t be considered unusual for them to show themselves in a different gender. Gender identity and sexual orientation this way are completely disconnected from both the anima-animus and wise old wo/man figures. What I believe instead is that these functional centers will take the form and identity which is most necessary in order to do their job. 

More to come in a later post.