Emergence: Let’s Watch Us Sing & Dance

Waves of thumping bass course through my senses
my ears soaking up the tunes of heavy korean pop choruses
the skin under my navel burning with a light pleasantness
desires long forgotten opening themselves up to me

Creation and lyrical genius have these things in common
dilated pupils and a sort of breathlessness at the vibrations and exquisite sensuality
ecstasy of a true spiritual joy, new animation remembered within,
within the caresses of your invisible fingertips

Lips that are so real in their ghostly manifestation
a gentle soft touch, a blazing silent embrace
just like the way the music embraces me in this waking dream
you’re my inspiration, my precious, heartfelt melody
and our lungs dance in sync, breathing as one-

Your hands flowing into mine as we rattle out these words onto pixelated paper
hands that meld with the drunken heat of my blood,
coursing through these heightened veins
and supernatural nerves of our co-joined bodies, emotions and mind,
entwined; I feel the beauty of your skin in these living fantasies

The beauty of myself experiencing itself through your eyes
shining with hope and driven with exploration of our burning flame
knowing the flesh of your essence and serenity as my own,
kindling such tangible euphony in novel eternity,
A united symphony, mi amorcito, nuestro amor es por siempre ❤


Irreverent Cascade

Fallen branches strewn amid shredded autumn leaves
the storm found our home after all
torn planks of wood and rusty nails litter all that once had been
such a mess of the inner realms

Hurricane passing through lands adrift
the eye of the storm is ever near
bleak outlook upon misty mountain shores
washed away by gales of periphery winds

So much destruction, so much potential
potential lost then found then lost again

Potential creation draws near
here, stay with me, here
watch, see, feel, breathe

Sunshine from the west,
a sign that even backwards nothing ceases
time forever morphed into our greatest fear
time we will find once again.

Short Midnight Musings- Part 3

Hard cold metal plates in my veins
shifting, slipping, stirring
from that which won’t be named
Blood coagulates, runs thicker
I bite down my tongue
I fight back the bile that
threatens to rise from the grave
In pretending to be a person,
a person who still feels
but sometimes doubts
the villainy and the play
Is your reflection an illusion
A ghostly after-image
seared onto the back of my retinas
Will it ever be solid matter,
did the projector ever create dreams
or am I lowly and deranged?

Rocking Chair

Rock, rock, rock, back and forth goes the rocking chair
swaying to and fro, like a boat out from shore
my eyes close sleepily and I hear someone murmur to me
whispers from beyond
from a state I never knew

It’s always the same
the hand of the clock never stops
I swing away
up and down, around the reel, forgetting that I have feet to land

I cannot stop
I must keep sailing forward on this rocky mirage
the ocean tips its hat at me; the sun sinks and winks merrily below the horizon
there’s no change

It’s still the same as it was before
only now there’s night where there was none
the opposite side of the world is reflected back at us
we chant melodies from beyond the grave as we rise

Rise and fall and rise insistently
and I watch it all
it’s always the same
it never changes.

My Beloved

She clasps her hands gently, and those of the beast within
soothing and caressing the bright teal veins that flow hesitantly to unseen lands
charred sapphire fragments glimmer above patterns hidden under calloused skin
and she stares blankly at nothing
waiting for no one

And with sparkles and the glamour of an unseen foe
the curtains against her face move aside, her thick hair like royal robes of violet
the dreams in front of her she seemed to have lost long ago
show their true colours
and she stares ahead in wonder at her fingers
numbness forgotten

There is a reborn splendour
a bright swollen bloody reminder
an engorged crimson and golden organ
serenading her soul

The harp has started playing
now it won’t stop.

Her heart has mended whole.