New Spiritual Relationship & Rapid Psychological Healing

I haven’t updated for a while, but now it’s 2017!!! Happy new year folks!!! I have been quite preoccupied lately and haven’t felt like writing, and also my camera broke so I can’t get round to doing video blogs either.

A lot has happened in the past month or so? since I last wrote. First thing’s first: I am in a new relationship!!! I am soooooo happy, and we have a soul connection, and we live only ten mins drive away from each other, and are both spiritual people.

The story of how we met is actually quite funny. Because I told myself back in September that I would manifest a new partner by Christmas. Well, the week before Christmas came and I still hadn’t found anyone. So I used Law of Attraction to declare it into my life (using Jesus’ name), and that I would find them within that week.

And then I just had absolute faith that it would happen, I wouldn’t let myself doubt at all. And then you know what happened? I had been on lots of dating sites for the entire past year, so there was nothing unusual about that. But all of a sudden a guy messaged me on a spiritual dating site, this guy I am now in the relationship with (his name is Graeme), and to message others you have to have paid a full subscription, and I didn’t know that. But he said the exact same day I signed up he paid for the full subscription. So we were able to message back and forth and exchange email addresses.

Then I took the plunge to meet him in real life, just as a friend really, but he immediately asked me out on a second date and we hit it off!!! The thing with me actually is that I am literally not able to be attracted to someone unless there is a strong soul connection there. And I’ve literally fallen for him head over heels, and feel more comfortable with him than I’ve ever felt with a guy in my life. I could actually imagine marrying him and having his babies. I know that is way in the future but by the third date I just ‘knew’ I loved him, that I wanted to be with him, and that he is right for me.

But I think initially he was scared by the intense connection and pulled back a bit. I think he needed to make up his mind since I said I wanted a life partner(I apparently don’t use my brain around him and blurt out stupid things). But I think he’s okay with it now, and likes me an awful lot. Which is brilliant.

The connection really is intense, and whilst not as intense as my last relationship (and thankfully so), it is very wonderful and I feel most content than I ever have done in my life. Even though it has brought up a lot of energies and emotions and traumas in me, and it’s not been all smooth sailing, I feel like I could really settle with him and enjoy it.

He doesn’t know yet about my feelings of love for him. At least I still have some of a brain and decided to wait a bit before saying it. But sometimes when we are together the love energies sort of peak for a few seconds and my heart chakra wants to explode – then it passes. I have those kind of waves more and more frequently too especially after meeting for a day. The sexual energies are very intense too, but a comfortable intense. I have to be honest I have never felt so physically compatible with a guy before. Even though with all my sexual trauma from what the demons did to me (not sure I mentioned the rape before on here???) gives me anxiety attacks, I just feel safe with him. And he is being gentle with me. In fact his energy is so incredibly gentle it shocked me at first when I felt it, so much more gentler than feminine energy, but still perfectly masculine. That to me is a feature that makes him very unique. One of the first things I was attracted to. And since then I have made entire archives in my head of all the things I find attractive about him lol.

I will not ramble on too much, but yeah I’m pretty much in love and have not really had any way to express it yet. I will at some point when it feels right, but I think I need to get to know him better first.

Another thing that has happened is that I have gone through an awful lot of growth and integration the past couple of months, I am no longer conflicted spiritually and have settled on a liberal Christian esoteric/mystical worldview, recognizing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as well as All That Is, but taking a more laid back approach to the religion. And Jesus seems okay with me about that. And Jesus told me yesterday he has his hand on this new relationship even though Graeme isn’t a Christian (but I don’t mind) – which was comforting because I was worrying a bit about it. So yeah, I’ve developed a really cool relationship with Jesus, and I love spending time with him and getting to know him, and it feels wonderful. Everything just makes much more sense now, like I went through all the pain I did to retrieve lost soul fragments which in turn has made me much more mature now that I am healing and recovering finally. It has taken a year but I am on the mend, and even physically I am getting much better too and less tired and exhausted.

Also in line with all that growth – I don’t psychologically regress to a child nearly as often, and when I do it is not to a five year old anymore. It is more like a ten year old, which is really cool. It’s like that part of me has done a lot of growing up and the two personalities are merging into one. The confusion is not nearly so predominate now and I feel mentally clearer and whole, with less memory gaps and less trouble self-reflecting (a side effect of the trauma I think).

I feel this new relationship has really been forcing me to face myself too which is helping an awful lot. I think really it has just been a mixture of things and I’m starting to come into my own. Still a long way to go yet but I think compared to where I was this time last year I have done incredibly incredibly well, and my life really is better than ever.


The Demiurge is One Sly Son of a Bitch

So, it’s been a while since I lasted posted on here, but I have updated a bit with my new video blog on YouTube. But I haven’t gone into details about the psychic healing I did on that girl with Jesus, which I want to update about now.

The truth is, it’s hard to tell if anything worked, because the exact same night after I worked with her, she saw a psychic surgeon, who apparently works with his own spirit guide (which I don’t really trust, I don’t trust any entities on the spiritual pretending to be helping), and I also think I picked up some negative energy from her because ever since I’ve been tempted to physically swat away annoying spirits around me, and I never had that issue before(they will leave eventually, but it’s a bit of a pain).

On top of that, I did a psychic reading for her, and at first I saw that she had a lot of angelic energy around her (especially in her crown and heart), and I told her so, but shortly after our session I realised that these angelic beings I saw were not angels at all, because I’ve seen real angels and they look nothing alike. They were merely trickster spirits pretending to be angels.

Which gets me onto the next point, that psychic readings and healings don’t really work, because first, any energy healing that you do doesn’t seem to help long term, or even short term, it is just a temporary emotional fix, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that emotions aren’t reliable, and that entities will use them against you. Which leads me onto the second point, everything we see or sense spiritually is all fed to us from other entities or beings. You know why? Because they can influence and manipulate what we see to further their own agenda.

I did wonder for a while if I commanded those trickster spirits around her to leave, maybe her issues would really be resolved (they weren’t, btw, she still had the same problems afterwards, even AFTER both mine and the psychic surgeon’s session)… but I was just put off by that time, and after some more experiences at home, I’ve become critical again of healing and psychic reading – I’m not saying they’re not real, what I’m saying is more like they are not long term and they are too easily susceptible to being controlled by the Demiurge’s evil agenda.

The reason I say they are not long term, in regards to psychic readings, is that we can actually only see the most likely possibility that a person is going to experience in their life, but since the future isn’t set in stone this possibility changes all the time. I’ve read that is a common issue with psychics. The spiritual realms are just too easily changeable and prone to whimsy.

Now, I feel I’m back to trying to figure things out, trying to understand how Jesus fits in everything, at the same time I’m continuously battling away thoughts like “I don’t believe in Jesus and embrace the dark side, that’s my true nature”… but it’s NOT, I know that. I know who I am (even if that sense of identity is blurred by other people’s energies and other malicious entities), so I’m struggling a lot in that sense, but I wonder sometimes if the war ends once you stop believing there IS one. However, I never believed in evil before I was heavily possessed and that ignorance almost cost me my life, so….

It’s hard to say. Times like this Buddhism feels very attractive because it’s very simple and compatible with science. Christianity can get complex, but on the plus side I can sort of see that perhaps the reason why our inner issues seem to go back and back and back in time to the point where it feels like we’re cursed just for being alive, is because of original sin (and I’m not going to say what that means, apart from the fact that something happened early during our human history that caused humanity to become aware of good and evil, of duality, to perhaps lose our spiritual innocence, and ever since nothing can ever be perfect again)…… but still, I don’t really know if that theory is logical, because science points to evolution, not devolution. So which one is it?

I guess I will just have to muse over some things more, but this is where I am. I don’t know why I happened to do a spontaneous healing session on my mum that time but after observing her carefully she had an emotional high afterwards for a few days, and then I saw her become the most depressed she’d ever been. And I’m not going to naively chalk it up to ‘post-integration’, because that’s bullshit.

I think there is just something more going on that I don’t understand yet, and that healing isn’t what it appears to be, and neither are psychic readings. They are all distorted.

Is there any hope for humanity at all?

Healing/Delivering Others & More Conversations With Jesus

These past few days since I last wrote, I had a realisation that even though I’m broken, it doesn’t prevent me from healing/delivering others, because I have the anointing and gifting which was given directly from Jesus to me. It’s mine for life now.

Being part of the new age convinced me that I had to be whole myself before I could heal others, but Jesus/the Holy Spirit told me recently that that’s not true, that in all my brokenness, sin, and pain, I can still deliver others from their issues, even if I’m not delivered from them myself (bit of a pain in the ass realising that really)…. it’s not on my own merit that I can do that, but purely the grace of God to me. God is more powerful than my shit.

But I keep praying lately Jesus will show me how to heal my dissociative identity disorder spiritually… after all it started spiritually, and so there has to be a spiritual cure too. Not only that, but I want to have the tools to heal others from it, if they have it.

I can imagine creating a website or community where people all over the world can set up free video calls with me for a prophecy/healing/deliverance session. Unless the people actually have money, then I’d charge. But there are a lot of people who are skint and need this spiritual kind of help.

Healing other’s has really always been my heart’s desire, and mum told me if that was my calling in life and all I ever had to do, I’d be content and happy, and truth is, I would. Very much so. Healing others would make me happiest. I want to be a doctor in the spiritual, so being a spiritual doctor is like the next level up and perfect. Not only that but astrologically my sun is conjunct chiron in tenth house, meaning some way or another, healing others is very much a large part of my life. But I am only twenty three right now, so I still have plenty of time to grow into it.

I came across a girl on the internet who has problems with demonic attacks and I said I would video call her and see if the Holy Spirit leads me to do any deliverance/healing on her, as with what happened with my mum, and I prayed that if this really is my ministry, that this girl would be delivered and healed during the call, as a sign. So I have that to look forward to. I will update on that afterwards.

I thought with this post I would connect with Jesus again. Actually I’ve been wondering if I still have some major soul fragments missing, maybe one or two, as a result of the trauma I went through from the demons. Maybe during that entire mess I found pieces of myself I lost from childhood, but in the process lost new pieces of myself and now need to retrieve them to fully heal. It’s just a hunch, but I’ve been praying about it, and maybe I’ll get some answers now:

1) Hey Jesus, you wanna say anything to me first? I think I’ve been hearing you much more lately…

Just rest in me, the demons won’t bother you, I’ll make sure of it, and I WILL heal you, I will, trust me.

2) Is it your purpose for me to deliver/heal others?

My Holy Spirit will guide you in all things deliverance/healing related. Get to know my Holy Spirit best you can, because the FIRE will fall upon you, and you will need to know it intimately to impart it to others.

3) How can I heal others if I’m not healed myself yet? Do I still have evil spirits around me, influencing me, attached to me?

Yes, one specifically, Jezebel, but the day is coming where you’ll have the strength to kick her out completely, and your subconscious will be rewired and you’ll be healed.

4) So is Jezebel still influencing me then? Is that why I have so much fear?

Don’t focus on her, focus on me. She may be tormenting you, but I am much stronger, and you are more protected than you realise.

5) Do I still have a major soul fragment missing, or two?

Yes, I have all of it, she is here, the adult you, in my arms, being looked after by me.

6) What has to happen to her, for me to be fully healed?

Deep, deep, psychological healing.

7) Can you expand more?

Your internal structure has to be strong enough to support her first. You have to strengthen, and that will happen through learning about me and loving me.

8) Can I not just integrate her now, all in one go?

No, you are not strong enough, if you tried you’d risk more fragments splintering off.

9) So you wouldn’t suggest me doing a soul retrieval?

When you are strong enough, yes, but not now.

10) What can I do to strengthen myself now then, in preparation? What would be the fastest way of doing that?

Growing in love and awareness of me. Expanding yourself in mind spirit and body to make room for this fragment to return to its proper place.

11) How do I expand myself?

By drinking in my Holy Spirit in any way you can.

(There is a big emphasis for me on knowing and feeling and embodying the holy spirit…. starting to see that thread)

Thanks Jesus.

Deliverance & Healing With Jesus Christ

This week has been absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.

I tell you all why, because the first half of it, my panic attacks were returning at full strength, and I was feeling so sick spiritually. And then the second half I was feeling so well I ended up spontaneously delivering my mum from an evil spirit and did a spiritual healing on her from all the new age techniques I’ve learned over the years – plus with the power of the Holy Spirit. What even!!!!!

During the deliverance I was SO badass, like shouting at this spirit to leave, that it had no authority, and such, and then after the entire thing happened, I was terrified again and wallowing in my terrific fears of being possessed. This was after I just did an exorcism!!!

I think Jesus has a sense of humour because I am INCREDIBLY messed up, my aura is in tatters, my soul is broken and fragmented, I have dissociative identity disorder, I am like a full on sinner and swear like all the time (a new development, actually), I feel unworthy of love, of Jesus, feel separated from God almost all the time, and feel generally lost and confused. Not to mention the depression, and hey, I haven’t even read the bible in months!!! Yeah, Jesus has got a sense of humour alright.

But, I think it’s part of my life mission, because I did a guided meditation with Archangel Michael who showed me my future as if I was watching a movie, that I’d go to India and bring the Holy Spirit there through doing exorcisms. What even!!! I didn’t make that up, it was the most vivid vision I’ve EVER had.

I have to admit that I started feeling much better though once I started doing the guided meditations on youtube, as well as self-hypnosis videos. I don’t always go along with it, feeling guided by the Holy Spirit (or my higher self) to go in a different direction, but the videos give me direction and guidance. A framework to work with, to speak.

I prefer doing the guided meditations with the Archangels, with Jesus and Mary, and there are plenty of more traditional Christian ones I haven’t done yet. Theologically I’d say I probably fall within liberal/progressive, I do feel that Jesus literally died to reunite everyone to God (as a Universalist), and that he had to die for that to happen. I can’t explain my reasoning because I don’t understand this from a conservative stance but rather a hermetic place. It’s weird that in the end it was Hermeticism and NeoPlatonism that brought me closer to Christ.

Anyway, I feel that doing the guided meditations has been developing my abilities more, and I don’t really plan to use a lot of it on others, but if God really wants me to become an exorcist/healer then that’s fine, but the Holy Spirit has its own way of doing things. The Holy Spirit uses what I learn and know naturally of course, but there is also the traditional “I cast you out in Jesus’ name”, which works wonders. Maybe it won’t help repair your aura, but it will get rid of evil spirits, and a lot of people need that kind of help.

Clearing my aura and soul is just for my own benefit really. After today I cut all healing cords as a result of habit, even though Christians don’t usually do that, but I’ve decided to do it just in case as a point of caution. I failed to cut cords before and that’s what messed me up. You can take on other’s stuff unconsciously, especially if it’s your own family and close friends.

So yeah, I guess my mission is healing others with a mix of traditional and new age healing techniques, because that’s what happened today.

And on that note, I did a self-hypnosis healing meditation the other day which had me imagine myself in all ages (which was ideal since I have dissociative identity disorder), and for the first time ever, I saw my higher self!!!! I didn’t expect to see my higher self there, but she was this ancient and timeless being, INCREDIBLY wise, I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t sure these days if a higher self really existed, but there in that moment I couldn’t deny it.

Also, my higher self looked like an alien, lol, not really sure if that’s true and I’m from another planet, but I plan on doing a higher self meditation at some point. But I do feel all this healing is actually working, because my dissociative identity disorder has been getting so much better these past few days!

Stepping into our Future Together with Channeling & Healing

Since my last blog post a lot has happened! Dan and I met up and went camping for a whole week, we went to Stonehenge and experienced the energies there. A DNA activation happened in us both and it felt like we were different afterwards. It felt like what we had been waiting for for a while. Now that is done the future is beckoning. We are already looking at housing and living costs. It’s really so amazing how different our energies are together, so much more expanded and clearer.
On top of that we have fully stepped into our abilities to do DNA activations of our own for others along with healing. It’s a type of light body transference where the negative programmings of others are replaced with the codes of our own which are in sync with their own higher being. In a word we are basically giant crystals, we hold that space for others to connect with their true being.
I never did think I’d be at this level of awesomeness but it’s happening. I am even turning completely telepathic. I’m hearing thoughts from people and strangers, more so when I’m with Dan. It’s like there’s just no separation anymore between me and anything. I can tune into any info I want, I can heal…. we can both heal. Whilst telepathy is mostly my ability (for now), Dan is also equally gifted in being able to channel higher frequencies for the sake of DNA activations and healings. We have been experimenting on each other more than anything. Our guides say it’s like we are each other’s energetic sounding boards, because we share that same energy.

Our relationship/union is going great and is stronger than ever, and there’s just a strong pull now to be together in the flesh permanently rather than meeting up from time to time from our respective places in the UK. His eyes and skin sparkle so brightly when we’re together and it’s just so wonderful to see, that his true self comes out around me and visa versa. It’s the most amazing thing ever.

We are meant to be together. To live, to work, to have fun. I’m so glad I let go of my previous SC’s/TF’s. It was hard at the time but I had to do it. Just recently I cut all cords with my near-twin who was a soulmate and very dear to me. But I just couldn’t keep the connection open anymore. It wasn’t meant to be and I found the interaction an energetic interference more than anything.

Now I’ve let go of the past, cleared up the clutter in my life, released old contacts, people, and lovers, the focus has changed. I’m no longer in student mode. Whilst that never disappears, it’s like I’m in ‘guide mode’ now. For people who need help and advice, I feel honoured to be able to be that rock when others don’t know where to turn. I have been through a huge journey and now it’s my time to give back to those who are on that same path just as I was helped out in the same way.

Things will start slow for the moment with spiritual career, but they will speed up over the next year, and we will move in together, and my abilities will really just fully open up to me and expand incredibly. I can feel that I have not even tapped into 90% of my actual abilities. Even though I’m already so gifted and blessed with these abilities. I’m only just beginning and starting out. 

But I feel in a good place, and ready to help others. By the time I die I’ll probably be like superwoman and able to fly and teleport since I’m only 22 and already so advanced and apparently we don’t reach the level our true development until about 50 (though who said anything had to be linear?? ;))… but things are definitely exciting and I just feel so much peace and calm and joy when I think of the future. We both do!

The dark times are over. Now we can help illuminate others and make the world a more peaceful place. I will end this post with a picture we took, when we went into a book store and picked a random book and opened it to a random page after asking the question “what’s in store for our future together”….. the universe loves to answer when we’re open to receiving. 🙂

Solar Plexus Entity

I remember I wrote my last post about kundalini and the full moon, and I said that it felt like I was being leeched energetically and emotionally, but I dismissed it because I didn’t realise how prevalent entities were, assuming them to be rare. I also dismissed it because I thought my vibration was too high to have them. Which I would still say is true to an extent, I probably have less than most people, but it turns out, I still do have them.

I wrote a post about the black disgusting goo in Spiritual Forums asking about it and Monique (Awakened Queen) got back to me saying that it sounded like I have an entity. I was a bit hesitant but thankfully she pushed me a bit to get in touch with her friend Danielle, who is an energy healer. Danielle took a look at my solar plexus clairvoyantly after I explained to her the black goo, and she confirmed that it is an entity. And a large one at that.

She said though, that it doesn’t come from my step-dad. That instead it comes from an intimate relationship I had with someone with control/power issues, and that it entered as a result of the damage done to my aura by my step-dad. There are only two candidates in my mind as to who that could be, either my twin, or the abusive Mexican guy I had a short relationship with when I first went to meet my dad. The latter is the most likely as I remember experiencing a nasty abdominal pain after I cut the relationship off, and I had to be treated antibiotics from the doctor’s.

On the other hand, when I left my twin I had a dream that because I didn’t move on the energy in my stomach couldn’t flow properly and it got stuck and turned into a hard dense black lead ball that couldn’t be released or removed. It’s possible I released the entity during my self-realisation (as I doubt any entity could be around that sort of love/light), but then I reverted back to old habits afterwards and invited it back in unknowingly, as I tried to create an unhealthy power situation between me and my twin.

Either way, it doesn’t matter so much where it comes from. What matters is getting rid of it. I have a session booked with Danielle on the 21st to get it removed. I am SO excited! I have dealt with this problem for the entire last year.. Kundalini has made my life hell for it. All this time it has been trying to transmute this entity too! Which is why it hurt so much. Getting it removed shouldn’t be painful. I was worried about this at first but then last month I removed another entity on my own which was randomly attacking me from nowhere and it didn’t hurt when it left. But the Kundalini trying to transmute that one too did hurt. So I know I should be ok.

That was actually rather weird though, what happened last month. I’d been suffering with migraines for about two months, and the first night it happened I felt something attach to my energy at my crown. I wondered if Jennifer had tapped into my energy for some reason but she told me she wouldn’t do that. Still, I found it weird. I didn’t know that it could be an entity back then, and only removed it when I realised after realising I had one in my solar plexus too.

The weird thing about it though, was that it attached to my crown of all places. I’ve never had any problems with my crown, and I don’t have any blockages there. It’s all been really clear. And the fact it was so strong and came out of nowhere.. I’m not sure how much staying power it had because when I told it to bugger off it did, but it was a pretty nasty thing. Makes me wonder if it was sent by someone on purpose. Seems too heavy to just be a random thing. Weird too that it would happen as soon as I learn about this stuff. The Universe isn’t half giving me some lessons lately.

I never knew how prevalent entities were but now I’ve noticed them it’s like I can see them everywhere. I can understand now why many lightworkers say that the world is overrun with dark forces taking over… don’t they call them the archons or something? Someone sent me a link about that and the false matrix. Except all this is seeing entities from a fear based perspective and not one of truth and love. Entities are part of the natural chain of life. We take energy from other living beings through eating fruit/veg and meat, they take energy from us. It just is what it is. Why do we have this double standard as humans? There is nothing wrong or dark about it. All things are as they should be.

That being said, I am not fond of other people/beings/entities feeding off my energy. Now that I’m aware of them I need to get rid of them. This solar plexus entity is too large for me to get rid of on my own, and I’m worried about making a mess of it and making things worse, so I’m leaving it up to Danielle as she’s an experienced healer and entity remover. Not only that, but I paid basically £100 for the session! Well, actually it’s a total of six sessions, one done each month. The first is to remove the entity. The rest is to mend my aura and raise my vibration in that chakra so the entity or others like it won’t come back. Looking so forward to it! I will try and remember to write down what happens here.

Anyway, as the Universe would have it, I met a new soul connection called Karla, who’s also experienced in healing and removing entities from herself and the people closest to her. She says she’s going to send me a manual so I can continue to remove the rest I have and also so I can learn to mend my own aura. Though I’m sure many will disappear after the session as I think they’re likely attached to this huge one in my center. Kundalini does actually remove most entities on its own.. I guess if they are small enough they can be transmuted just fine. Kundalini also heals the aura.. so I don’t think there’s much I need to do, but it’s great to have the manual for if any others ever attack me again like the migraine one (though I seemed to deal with that alright anyway). Or if I have a larger one in my aura somewhere I haven’t noticed before.

One thing I am really hyped about is the fact I may be able to resume meditating again. I will take it slowly though, real slowly. Because meditating for me in the past has been like playing with fire. Without the solar plexus entity I may have no more screaming sessions or puking spells.. but it’s good to be safe than sorry. I will have to start ten minutes a day. If negative side effects happen then they happen. That is just part of learning and experimenting. But if they don’t.. I may be able to experience Samadhi’s again!!! I love this. Best part about realising what was wrong with my solar plexus after all this time and then getting it fixed. I’ll be able to experience myself as All-That-Is again.. and how awesome is that, really??? Well, you can only know if you’ve experienced it.

Super excited!

Siddhis (Aka Paranormal Abilities)

I have downloaded a book that was recommended to me by someone, regarding Kundalini in relation to the chakras and the nadis (energy pathways) in the body. As I read this I my attention was brought to the Siddhis of each chakra, paranormal abilities that begin to be manifested as the chakras awaken fully. I have mentioned briefly before about how I have been developing empathy recently as a result of the heart awakening.

Whilst empathy is to do with the heart, it would actually be more accurate to say that what I have started developing is clairsentience- the ability to feel external energies either without or within the body. Clairsentience seems to be connected to the sacral and solar plexus which is deepened by an open heart chakra, so they do seem connected. However an open heart is not necessary for one to have clairsentience.

So clairsentience is one such Siddhi I have started to develop. For example- being able to sense my own aura and the auras of others around me. I am also often able to know things of the future based on telling energies around me. For example, I know my mother is about to have a heart awakening because I can sense her heart energy becoming stronger by the day. But it’s not just this. Clairsentience is the ability to sense energy from not only the present but also the past and the future. When this ability develops to this extent it is usually called being ‘psychic’, or ‘prophetic’. Considering this then, it is no wonder I have often had prophesies that I too would become a prophet/psychic. Having an open heart though is essential, because not only does it deepen the empathic feelings with that sense of ‘oneness’, but it also gives the user the ability to distinguish between their own energies and the energies of others. 

This is probably one reason why many empaths have trouble with negative energy. Because they have not yet learned how to let it flow and pass through them. Something I am slowly learning, but it is hard. Negative energy seems to ‘stick’ more than positive, probably because it attaches to hooks inside us, and it feels extremely uncomfortable. Someone around me who is stressed often causes me to feel physically suffocated, as if I am being constricted by a huge weight. Examples like this are happening to me on a more and more regular basis. I also think I had partial clairvoyance before my awakenings, as I could often sense energy before that and had a few experiences with ‘seeing’ (sensing which my eyes then translated into images) shadows in the lower astral realm.

Another two Siddhis, which I have mentioned before (although one somewhat briefly) that I have developed are the abilities of healing and psychokinesis. I decided to mention these two together because they are Sidhhis that both belong to the heart chakra. Although as mentioned on a former post, I am currently weary of trying healing on others due to the negative effects it caused me the first time I tried it, the fact remains that I have the gift of healing, and I am able to use this on myself with no negative side effects at all. I am sure in time I will become more attuned to its proper function. 

As for psychokinesis, a basic form of this would be the ability to manipulate energy, which I am able to do rather naturally. Through the manipulation of energy fields I have noticed I am able to manipulate physical objects too. So far I have only tried this once on another unsuspecting (yet willing) participant. It was actually something I saw on tv on a show called “Man Vs Weird”. The guy on it was controlling the moment of people’s bodies through manipulating their etheric body (I believe). This made me want to try it, and to my astonishment, it worked. I tried it on my mother, and as she had not watched the program with me she did not know what I was about to attempt. I told her to stand still, as I stood behind her, and then I imagined making and tying a rope of energy around her (as I had seen on the show). After a while I pulled this energy rope back and at the same time she fell backwards. It was pretty cool.

Another ability of the heart chakra (although not a Siddhi per se), that I am starting to become aware of is my ability to manifest things outside of me with just an intent. So far I have only tried it in smaller situations but every time is has worked. I just ask for something to happen and it happens. The only thing being that with an open heart chakra comes non-attachment, and the less things you are attached to the less you have the desire to manifest things you feel you ‘need’ or ‘want’, because when you are connected to the Divine all needs are automatically met anyway and all wants are irrelevant to the larger picture. So I don’t really know how much I’ll play with this. 

And quickly onto another Siddhi which is related to the heart chakra- astral projection. I have wanted to astral project for so long, and a few weeks ago I finally did. Although it only last for a split second and it was entirely spontaneous, for that moment in time I was outside my body. I felt so clear.. so free.. since then I have felt my physical body to be more of a prison than anything else, but I am learning to deal with this. The point of spirituality isn’t to escape, it’s to bring heaven to earth. I’m hoping in time though that spontaneous astral projection will happen more and more often until I am able to choose to project any time I want. For one, I would really love to visit the Summerland (upper astral plane) and maybe beyond (which may come with projection from the crown when that is open).

So it seems like I have a lot of heart Siddhis. To me this means I have probably had an open heart in many lifetimes before and that I probably worked often as some sort of Shaman. It seems most natural to me then and is the first bunch of Siddhis to develop. Over time I know I will probably develop more. A couple more Siddhis that I want to talk about before I end this is the spontaneous movements of the throat chakra and the clairvoyance of the third eye. I have talked many times before in my posts about my ‘spontaneous yoga’ and cellular consciousness. What I believe is happening here is that the third eye is sending information regarding to the throat to be carried out. This is also why the throat is considered the center of telepathy. Telepathy at its basic can be said to be the hearing of the Higher Self (something I have) or at its most complex the hearing of other peoples thoughts (something I may or may not develop). 

But back to the spontaneous movements. This is the level the Higher Self manifests in the external world. This is something I have noticed when interacting with strangers also, and not just in my energy work. I will often do things that I do not consciously think about and that just seem to ‘happen’, but when I look back on them I realize that what I did had affected someone in a positive way. This is probably also related to the heart and solar plexus/sacral in knowing the energies of people around me and what they need. So this all seems to be connected. 

As for clairvoyance, this has only happened once, when I saw what I referred to as ‘God’ (although now know to be a polarized focused angelic extension, aka archangel) as incredible Light. This I know to be the Light seen in Near Death Experiences. Other types of clairvoyance I have had is waking up seeing everything in geometric patterns and incredible shining ‘living’ colours.. this has only happened a few times and not for very long at that, but it’s really quite incredible. They say that in the mental plane (I think) everything is manifested as geometric patterns- hence sacred geometry. So my vibration is becoming high enough to see these things. Over time they may become more common as my awareness rises back up to my third eye.

(Brief update: apparently the realm of sacred geometry belongs to the sixth dimension and Christ Consciousness. This would make sense considering the third eye is the sixth chakra. One chakra for each realm of existence. I think this has also been called the Messianic or Monadic plane but again I’m unsure. It also makes sense that the reason I woke up seeing these things instead of seeing them in the middle of the day randomly is because I must have been visiting this realm/dimension in my deeper sleep, and the awareness had not been lost completely as I was waking. Pretty cool, since most only visit the astral in their sleep. Definitely shows expansion and higher vibration.)

So, these are the Siddhis I have developed so far. Pretty incredible really. As time goes on I know they will become more developed and that I will have access to many more abilities. And as I have written before in another post, I see this as a good way to be able to measure my Kundalini development, because when Siddhis appear, it’s a strong sign that the chakras are finally becoming clear and open enough to do what they were originally meant to do.