Identifying True Indigo Children and My Transition to Crystalline Energy

There has been a lot of controversy on the whole subject of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. To many people it appears to be some kind of identity crisis which young kids are going through, using the labels to justify their character quirks, or even mental disorders such as ADHD and Autism. To add to that most of the spiritual community are saying that every child born these days has Indigo energy if not Crystal energy, making the true meaning of these things totally lost (like most things which are warped by human perception). From what I have experienced myself though, these different types of energies including the rare so-called Rainbow children are really the vibrational frequencies belonging to particular realms or dimensions. So what I mean by this is that Indigo energy is basically fifth dimensional, whilst Crystalline is sixth dimensional. Rainbow energy is going to be eighth or ninth dimensional, something I feel I will have access to in my own life but does that mean I am a rainbow child? This is the thing I want to discuss and this is where I feel it gets confusing for people…
The dimensional level you are spiritually available to opening up to in your life is really dependent upon your growth and evolution or expansion as a soul. So what this means is that over all your lives as a soul, if you developed fifth dimensional consciousness you could be readily considered an Indigo Child/Adult. But if you are completely unawakened to fifth dimensional consciousness in your life then you can’t be embodying Indigo energy, you haven’t integrated it yet. It’s outside your body as its own self-aware aspect of consciousness somewhere in the fifth dimension having a ball without you. Which means you can really only be considered an Indigo if you have at least integrated some fifth dimensional frequencies into you. And this is likely why the spiritual community are saying Indigos are being born every minute as the planetary shift into the fifth dimension is being carried out. But the thing is, there are actually not very many people living in full fifth dimensional and Indigo energy at all. True Indigos are incredibly rare. Everyone else is either not developed enough as a soul to realise the fifth dimension and are only just starting to open up to it now, or they have not yet awakened to their true fifth dimensional nature and allowed that Indigo energy into them.

Most Indigos then are only partially embodied into the fifth dimension, that is where their evolution is as a soul, they are still making that full transition. But this leads me onto another subject, what if the evolution of the soul is naturally higher than fifth dimensional Indigo energy? It will give the illusion that the individual is an Indigo as they pass through that stage in order to remember their true frequency. This is what happened to me, I believe. I passed through the Indigo stage and identified as Indigo and then one day woke up and realised “hang on, I’m not an Indigo anymore”… so what happened? What happened is that I made that transition from the fifth dimension to the sixth dimension. Does this mean I was always a Crystal? Yes, and yet again, no because I had to remember myself as an Indigo first as I passed through the fifth dimension and integrated those attributes and qualities into me. So people who are saying every child born these days is a Crystal child, they may very well be naturally sixth dimensional but is that level of consciousness integrated and embodied into them especially as they grow into an adult and take on the faulty programmings of the world? If not then they can’t truly be called a Crystal child until they remember fully and become consciously aware of their sixth dimensional Crystalline light bodies.

So what about Rainbow children? I haven’t read much on these but it seems they are incredibly rare and that makes sense, I doubt there are very many eighth or ninth dimensional people walking around on this planet. But the planet is increasingly able to support this frequency and so more souls and going to open up to it over time if that is their natural frequency. See there are souls that are so high vibrational naturally that they decide to incarnate to both challenge themselves and to help the shift. They incarnate as an Indigo, opening up to that consciousness very easily now that it is more embodied on earth, make the transition to Crystalline energies to support the raising of the planetary light quotient from the side lines, and in the future transition again to the Rainbow energies as a fully incarnate Avatar in human form. These are really exciting times we’re living in. Earth is so rare and yet perfect in that it can support so many differing frequencies at once, from those who are still caught in the third dimension to those who have the potential to open up to the ninth dimension.

And I could well be one of those people, I could be naturally a Rainbow. I had always felt Rainbow energies in me as well as Crystal and Indigo. But does that mean I’m actually a true Rainbow right now? No, right now I’m Crystal, remembering my sixth dimensional nature. I couldn’t even imagine being so high vibrational right now to be Rainbow, my mind just can’t physically comprehend it, even though my intuition tells me “yes, you have that potential”… I had always felt that soul remembrance of seventh to ninth dimensional energies, but I am not interested in rushing anyway. Dimensions are not hierarchal to me where one is ‘better’ than the other, but rather they are just indications of your light quotient. If I can put it this way… I don’t see it as a ladder climbing upwards, but rather an ocean expanding outwards. Each dimension integrated is like another thousand square miles of water or light and love embodied into your spirit- that’s it. Of course the more energy you can hold the more opportunities you have with which to positively utilise it. So you gain more spiritual power but maturity too.

I enjoyed my time identifying as an Indigo, but now I can see where I have always been an unrealised Crystal, and one day I may look back and see where I was always an unrealised Rainbow too. But for now I am enjoying exploring my Crystal nature, which feels more my true self than Indigo ever did. I had a lot of anger and desire to change the world but those things have passed away now as I just be the love that I am and dwell in the joy and bliss of my truer nature and feel the magical beauty of life and co-creative manifestation. Through that I uplift everyone around me without needing to lift a finger, because the light shines naturally on its own. And to me that is the defining characteristic of a Crystal compared to an Indigo. Whereas an Indigo wants to rush out and make reforms, a Crystal just sits by quietly enjoying life, effortlessly radiating out bliss and creating huge waves that ripple throughout the planetary consciousness. Whilst Indigos rush out towards life as warm-hearted power-blazers and activists, Crystals let life morph around them peacefully and lovingly, blending wisdom and will knowingly.

And who knows about Rainbows! I’ll write about it later when I realise it for myself 😉 Namaste. 🙂


Some Hilarious Quirks of Being in a Twin Flame Union and Other Lovely Dovely Musings

I want to change the direction of my blog a bit, though perhaps this was coming for a while now. I changed my blog url recently from ‘the shores of amaranth’ to ‘sacred union’s expression’ because I felt that I wanted to really make mine and my Dan’s union more of a focus and maybe in the process inspire other twin flame couples in their own journey, or just to give them a laugh such as what I intend to do in this post! I have to say I was inspired to take this change in direction by someone I used to nickname my ‘frenemy’, I shall mention no names but their passion for their [likely karmic] twin although I found off-putting myself (I really couldn’t put that emotional investment into someone who wouldn’t want me back), also seemed to bring out my own desire to invest that expression into and for the right person, to share with the world just how much I love my true twin flame, how much he loves me and how much love we share between us as a larger unit.
It is strange for me to be so emotionally open about the love I share for a man. I am not used to it as there was always a shame for me associated with being with men- my step dad was really an ass so I learned to associate male energy with something that should always stay hidden and in the shadows. That negativity is what I had carried around all my life and it took me a while to become more open like this about our union and to be so externally expressive to everyone else how much I love and adore him and appreciate him in my life. So in a sense this change of direction for me is also like a lesson and an exercise in opening up my throat chakra- learning that there is nothing wrong with that expression and that people do actually enjoy reading these things and watching others in love. I have not been one of those people myself but I think I am the type of person to enjoy what others enjoy… If I can give others joy then I experience their joy as my own. So I feel writing more about how much I revere my true twin flame here will bring others joy which in turn will amplify my own too. And ultimately I am just following my heart and going with what I feel- I just want to lavish him with my creative expression because to me he deserves it more than anyone else in the world.
So this brings me back to the beginning title of this blog post(now that I already covered the ending other lovely dovely musings at the beginning instead): Some hilarious quirks of being in a twin flame union. Do you know you can feel everything they can? And visa versa (true twin flames are of course mutually spiritually aware together). I used to think this was nonsense. The very idea didn’t make any sense to me and just seemed like some idealised crap people spewed out “oh I can feel his emotions how romantic”. And yet now I am actually living it and it’s not the weirdest thing at all- in fact it’s just totally natural. I can feel him breathing if I relax, at times our breathing goes in sync or I can just nudge it that way. Just recently I said that I felt like I had a cold and related it to energy and blockages in that area for both of us… he actually said he had a cold he couldn’t shake, well I never! Then there is menstruation… oh yes how glorious, a man on their period (or yours rather) is really the most adorable thing ever… that monthly moodiness of his is something I absolutely cherish. 😀

Oh the energy!
There are other things too:
Me: My left arm feels so strange and heavy right now
Him: I’m leaning on it, I can’t believe you can feel that!

Me: I just ate an orange and my entire mouth is tingling intensely
Him: It’s disconcerting our bond means I can actually feel this

Male menstruation 😉
Me: I’m eating scones right now with clotted cream and jam
Him: You are making me want one now!
Me: See if you can taste it through me
*experiences myself as him tasting my scone* 
Him: …..Now I just want one even more! 😀
Angry PMSer :p
There are plenty of hilarious moments we have like these. When he’s out walking I come over all dizzy from the grounding energy and just want to fall to the floor, when he’s laughing I start spontaneously laughing too, when he’s feeling any emotion I feel that as well. Often times the difference between us is not easily noticeable. We just seem to share almost everything on an energetic level. When he is physically injured I feel that too- once he was playing football and I felt an almighty pain hit my left shin, he said he got studded there, or the time he fractured his right thumb and my entire right hand was stiff for a couple of days as a result from the swelling. 

Shared contractions?
The thing is this sharing feels so natural that when I talk about him to family I almost accidentally bring them up “oh Dan’s got a headache and I can feel it”… but then have to bring myself back to ‘reality’ because of how ridiculous that would actually sound. A hilarious thing to me is how everyone talks about ‘two becoming one’ through marriage and yet when it comes down to it no one really knows what that means so if I were to actually say that we became married in spirit through the process of us two becoming one and now can feel everything each other feels- people would definitely look at me as if I were cray cray.

But here on the internet some do get it and so I thought I’d share these hilarious excerpts and snapshots I’ve taken of some of our texts giving insight into this amazing yet at times highly amusing part of our bond (my personal favourite is him saying he’d jab himself with a fork to get back at me for massaging his crown, makes me laugh everytime reading that!)

One day though these unions will be the norm and everyone will know experientially there really is nothing as wonderful as being in a full union with the one you truly love- when coupled with the right spiritual maturity it just becomes the easiest and most joyful thing ever to experience, there is no drama and there is no pain- there’s just the profound experience… it’s real love because it’s full acceptance but also adoration of the beauty of their creation, of their human nature and essence. The beauty of their pains you feel as your own, the beauty of sharing your own with them and it’s truly a blessing to be living in this higher dimensional unity in such a dense place but yet also bringing this template here to earth as a futuristic example for divine love. It is in a sense a merging too of the dimensions… in the higher dimensions you only feel positive emotions and unity, in the lower dimensions there is only negative emotions and no unity. This planet is rare in its duality because it allows just the right balance of both, and when mastered just becomes something you can really have fun with! 😀

Part 2 Meeting my Other Half, more Solar Plexus Expansions, and 5D Collective Twin Energy

I’m going to lead on from my previous post, about my experiences lately with my other half and the realisations I’ve been coming to. Now something that was quite cool to me was that this new soul-connection of mine turned out to live in the same country(England). It felt like a miracle because before my connections had been all around the world, my previous two twin connections were/are in India and Philippines, making physical meeting more or less impossible for the most part. Although I wasn’t ready to meet my previous twin-connection anyway, I had a lot of issues to overcome first. Let me tell you, if you think these connections are intense over the net, then you have no idea what it’s like in real life!
Okay I might be over-exaggerating a little. Maybe it depends on the person. When we met my other half didn’t experience anything dramatic because he’s not as energetically sensitive as me (to be fair I would have a hard time finding someone who is more energetically sensitive than me), but after our meeting that’s when the energy got really intense for him. Sort of like it was waiting to pounce. But when we first met the first thing I noticed was just how easy it was to be around him, how calm and relaxed I felt. But then I noticed my energy started dissolving. I actually felt like I started dissolving, and couldn’t tell who I was anymore.

I could feel the edges of my aura expanding and stretching into what felt like infinity. And my solar plexus was hit the worst. It was about thirty minutes in, we were walking on the beach (thank goodness for that really) and I started breaking down in giggles, but the kind of painful giggles that turn into cries because you can’t breathe and you’re about to vomit and pass out. The energy became so strong I collapsed right then and there on the green, and the passing people were probably very worried. But then being flat on the ground allowed earth energy into me and I immediately felt stabilised, and we spent much of our time after that sitting on green patches of ground.

What I learned from our meeting, well one of the things anyway, is that I am severely ungrounded! It can’t be helped as I spend so much time in higher consciousness, but I realised part of our process of becoming balanced by the other was not just him opening up to higher consciousness, but me becoming more stabilised in the earth, and not so much floating in the clouds (even if to me it doesn’t feel like that, I feel perfectly stabilised in my own energy, not ungrounded at all, but compared to 3D reality I realised I’m very ungrounded and most of the time not really here at all. And really there’s nothing wrong with that as it’s my path to spend so much time in higher consciousness, but to go higher we do need to be ever grounded deeper). 

But when we were interacting, I realised for the first time how light I felt. I didn’t feel bogged down by my usual fears and worries that I didn’t even realise I was holding. The main thing for me is that I realised during that time I had no fear of being judged. None at all. And I was so much myself it was more like a meeting with me, the real me, than with him! And when he left (we live a couple of hundred miles away, not perfect but still better than thousands of miles away), I could feel such a change in my energy. At first I was confused because I felt so large, our merged aura went on for meters and meters, whilst my own aura is just over three meters now (more on that later), and then I felt my energy contract sharply and he did feel the same too. And then I missed more than anything that feeling of expansion, that feeling of me.

Now I know I need to work on releasing the rest of those feelings and holding that expansion and groundedness naturally without needing to be around him, that’s the point and that was the point of our meeting I feel, to stabilise our connection fully and to make us realise the depths of our souls more fully, who we are separately and who we are in each other. I took away a lot from that meeting, and had a huge solar plexus clearing a few hours after he left. It was the most awful thing but absolutely necessary. I now have hope for my solar plexus that it can be fully cleared out, but there is I feel still a long way left to go.

Now about the merged aura, that’s an interesting thing. I was writing beforehand about my monad integration, merger into the red ray, seventh initiation, and twelve chakric embodiment. I was writing about how I called him my twin ray because he was my monadic counterpart. These things haven’t changed, though my understanding of them has. I did complete a full twelve chakric embodiment which was possible from meeting him, the merge which has made my aura over three meters wide, and also changed the vibration of my seven main chakras. Me and my other half share a heart chakra now, and it was so strange when I checked out my heart chakra and where it used to be pink was purple instead, and three times as large. Same with my crown chakra which was magenta-red! That same red ray which I’d been working on integrating as part of the monadic and logoic mergers into the sixth and seventh initation.

So what’s happened is, I think, the purple crown chakra has descended into our heart, and the red 12th chakra has descended into our crown. Creating a fully embodied monadic expression in two bodies as one. Now this is where I want to change directions a little with the post. Because he is essentially my ‘other half’ right now, and maybe he was always my other half, I don’t know. I don’t know how these things really work(though I can speculate). But something I have realised is that what we have done is not unique to only one person who we like to call a ‘twin-flame’. This is my third experience of ‘twin energy’ within a person, within meeting a soul-connection. How can it be unique?

In actual fact, this ‘energy’ seems to be our own signature, our own love expressed through another person. Basically all soul-connections have the ability to experience this kind of unity, but are limited through their own lower awareness. Love is the language of the universe, all is love, love is all. We are all Love at the core of our being, and when we share that love with each other we experience ourselves as one… that is twin energy, it’s the recognition of your own divinity in someone you share a higher fifth or sixth dimensional connection with. Whilst third dimensional love is karmic and unpleasant, fourth dimensional love is between ‘soulmates’, this fifth dimensional love we attribute to only one person is also between ‘soul-mates’, just a level up! And as you keep becoming more and more of who you truly are, you experience deeper and deeper connections with those you love.

Never again will I say to myself “this is the end, there is no love after the twin flame experience” how preposterous! Twin flame energy is the love of the fifth dimension, as long as you are vibrating at that frequency you WILL attract someone to share that with. You will experience soul-sharing, there is no distinction between love, love on the 3D plane is seen as something unreachable… why do we want these perceptions in our twin flame experiences? Love is right here right now, we only have to realise it. Love can be shared consciously between everyone and anyone you want, and the more people who are aware the more we can turn this into a collective experience, where love isn’t hoarded or attributed to only one person, but seen for the unity it really is, the interconnectedness of God in us all, the beautiful experience of becoming one in two or one in three or one in five or one in millions… how amazing does that kind of love sound! Amplified like that between so many! And yet we push it away, due to our own limitations, due to our desire to own or feel like love is owned by a specific person… when it belongs to no one, it is all of ours. 

This is what you call shedding the ego folks, the ego likes to think “wow I have another half to my soul finally I can be complete”… it’s not like that at all. Soul-merging comes about only because you’re ready to know your own soul, and through that become aware of the whole new wide world of soul-merging, energy sharing, love-making, ect. You become greater than yourself, you allow love to flow through you, and just be, experiencing yourself as one, many, and all….

So, I may or may not have another literal half, but I am experiencing myself now as larger than two as one, three in one really when you think about it, me, my other half, and source. And it’s a beautiful experience. But I will never limit it or myself and say this is ‘it’, there is always greater, always more. And I believe and know that, and I am ready now to experience being more than myself, I am ready to enter the wide world of loving on all levels, to transcend fully the personal and yet, make it a truly personal experience within the third dimensional world. Bringing the fifth and sixth dimensions to earth, becoming a collective and unity consciousness gradually, step by step. I can see the new world will be beautiful, but we have to allow it and stop trying to claim something that was never ours to begin with. Just allow yourself to experience and move onto bigger and better things, more loving and joyful things, without getting hung up on the past and regrets….

Anything is possible when you are receptive!


Some More on Being an Incarnated Angel and the Karmic Debt of the Lightworkers

I am going to copy and paste my post from the Spiritual Forums here so that I don’t have to repeat everything else again. This is what I wrote concerning this matter:
Today I came across a really interesting article which makes sense of everything I am feeling about being a ‘fallen angel’. It’s a bit new-agey and maybe a little unbelievable and I don’t really know for sure, but it makes A LOT of sense to me. I will post the link of the article at the bottom but it’s quite long and there are a few previous chapters to it explaining it all, so I’ll just give a quick overview here:
Basically, it says that Lightworkers are old souls that completed most of their evolution on different planets/dimensions before the birth of humanity. They were mature souls with ‘angelic consciousness’ that looked after the earth and its new innocent souls in ‘the Garden of Eden’. However, they had yet to experience the darker side of the ego. So in order to experience it they ‘fell’, and started a huge intergalactic war in order to experience power. 
Apparently though, the war ended up in a stalemate and so in a bid to try and win it they manipulated the new human consciousness to become separated from source and feel fear. The effect of this was that human consciousness also fell, and somehow the Lightworkers used this to feed their own power (I can’t remember how now) so they could win the war. I suppose it was a bit like a vampiric strategy.  
Apparently though, corrupting the new human souls didn’t help the war and eventually the fight for power became boring, because it was leading nowhere. The Lightworkers then, searching for something deeper, started to open up to heart consciousness. This caused the Lightworkers to feel remorse and regret over what they had done to the new human souls. 

And so, the Lightworkers decided to incarnate in the later stages of Earth’s evolution to experience from humans their own corruption. This way they would eventually release all need for egoic power and karma would be repaid. On top of this, the Lightworker would be here to help guide the young human souls into higher consciousness, in order to not only try to make up for how they corrupted them, but as I wrote above, also to release karma and help advance their own consciousness onto a level which surpassed all duality:
Apparently Earth is unique because the manipulation of the Lightworkers caused their own energy to become embedded within human consciousness. So humans have a mixture of all sorts of energy from all over the universe. This means that a soul living in a human body can experience everything all at once, in the same life. It can experience pain as well as happiness, ect. 
Apparently this isn’t found anywhere else in the universe. And so the only way to surpass duality for older souls is to incarnate on Earth so they can experience this. So Earth is the unviersal bridge between duality and non-duality. And the Lightworker is here to bring Light not only to others but also to themselves in order to reconnect with source.  

So.. that is that. It explains a lot of things for me. For example, the feeling that I am here making up for a time when I was a ruthless bloodthirsty dictator.. it seems like I have just come from that war all those thousands or millions of years ago or whatever. The war for us Lightworkers and the aftermath of that was our dark night of the soul which had the purpose of transforming us from mature souls to old souls. There can be no progress into old soul age without going through this stage. The darkness inside must all be confronted and released. And now many Lightworkers are either here to do just that, or have already done just that and have returned to carry out a particular mission that will help them transcend again into the higher realms.

This is where I feel like I am in this life. This is also why my soulmates are here. As I mentioned in my last post angelic consciousness is essentially group consciousness. This is where all souls come from in the beginning, before splitting off into separate souls. Perhaps the reason I feel my angelic consciousness so strongly though is because I spent most of my soul in that state and haven’t really been fallen for long, unlike human souls, which is also probably in part that due to my more evolved soul age I am able to shed karma much faster. 

But anyway.. my soulmates and myself are basically all shards of the same angelic oversoul and we probably all incarnated on earth at around the same time and again as I mentioned in a previous post I might not actually be able to return to angelic consciousness until all the group has released their own karma. In this case I may choose to incarnate over and over again with them instead of waiting on other astral planets in order to help them shed their karma so we can regroup again. I don’t think I would mind this.  

Also, although the link doesn’t mention it, the way it portrays us Lightworkers makes me think of the Grigori mentioned in the Book of Enoch. They were Watcher Angels who basically watched over and cared for the Earth in its infancy. But then they fell, and came to earth and taught the new human souls all sorts of ‘dark’ magic, speeding up their evolution dramatically. They then mated with the humans and created giant demons known as Nephilim. Eventually though the physical body of the Nephilim was wiped out I think? So now they wander the lower astral realm feeding off of the energies here, whilst the Grigori… I have no idea what happened to them.

I haven’t really researched into all this with too much depth yet but to me the fallen angelic Lightworker sounds basically the same as the Grigori. Same concept, different myth. So I could call myself a Grigori too.. which is a bit weird. I know there’s truth to these things I feel though.. being angelic, not being from earth, having to repay karma, leading people towards the Light to surpass duality and complete my soul evolution in this universe maybe.. perhaps the way I’m interpreting them isn’t correct.. it’s hard to see the entire truth from a human perspective, but I know that I am feeling/seeing the truth, if only just part of it.