A Different Approach to Twin-Flames, A Full Analysis


Prepare yourself for a long post! My last blog post was a while ago now, I was writing about how I’d merged with my other half, what some may know as a twin-flame. Since then I’d come to many new realisations about how this twin-flame business works and wanted to lay out a new understanding for which people can refer to to gain a wider understanding. I haven’t yet got all the puzzle pieces sorted out but this is going to be a comprehensive guide which combines many different twin flame theories and allows them to work as a harmonious whole. I’ve been searching for the greater truth of these connections now for a long time and am finally feeling like it’s all coming together. After experiencing three different twin-flame connections myself and since having the healing session in January that was blocking me off partially to higher consciousness, new intuitive information has come in as well as my own logic that allows me to see the larger picture of the entire thing. Take this guide as you will, but for me it’s the only thing that has ever successfully explained what these twin-flame connections actually are and how they work.
In the past I have been an adamant defender against the split soul theory, but as time has gone on I have come to understand it in its wider context, how it is true in one sense, but how in another it is limiting when we only approach it from the one angle and fail to see it from the larger multidimensional perspective. To fully understand this though requires that we go back to basics and fully explore and uncover everything that makes twin connections exactly what they are, starting first with the exploration of what a soul actually is and its workings thereof.

Levels of Attraction

First I will start with something simple. In each human being there are four main levels of attraction. These are: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. On the physical level, physical attraction is very important. We love a person because of their looks. On the emotional level we love them for the emotional comfort/security they provide us and also the romantic and sexual desire we experience with them. On the mental level we love a person for their intellectual capabilities, and their similar way of processing and making logical sense of their reality. And on the spiritual level we love a person for the love and wisdom that they hold in accordance to our own.

When it comes to attraction, we need all four of these aspects to be switched on otherwise we will be less than satisfied. Many people enter into a relationship solely for the physical looks, or for the romance and sex, less people enter a relationship for the intellectual stimulation or for the spiritual love and wisdom they hold. The reason for this is that many people are not fully mentally or spiritually developed, so they are only content with two of those four aspects being fulfilled. Or they think they are content, but really they feel a huge sense of lacking when they are with a partner who doesn’t provide them with that full connection. This inner void is what their partner is highlighting to them- the fact they are not whole, and the fact they cannot share their entire being with someone.

In order to feel satisfied in a relationship you first need to be fully functioning in yourself, so that you can then connect with someone on a similar level. So as we grow and evolve spiritually, the type of partners we attract to us change too. They become less primitive and more advanced.

The Nature of the Soul

Now of course, these four aspects are corresponding to the four main levels of the auric and chakric energetic system each of us are as spiritual beings. In many people only the first and second auric layers and chakras are fully active and awake, which respectively correspond to the root and sacral chakras. In a lot of people the mental layer is partially developed, the solar plexus chakra, and in only a minority of the population is the spiritual layer partially developed. The spiritual layer for basic intents and purposes consists of the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and crown chakras as one larger layer. When a person is partially developed on the spiritual level, their heart chakra and corresponding causal body will be developed along with their throat chakra and the corresponding etheric template which allows them to express love, but their consciousness will not have developed the higher monadic spiritual awareness of the third eye and crown chakras which allows them to simply ‘be’ pure consciousness.

So to recap, there are four main auric bodies, with the last auric body being split into lower spiritual awareness of the heart and throat chakras and higher spiritual awareness of the third eye and crown chakras. Each main body has its own patterning and templating which includes information of its state, its past life experiences (future lives too in case of the higher bodies), and it’s spiritual evolution. When you meet someone you are attracted to, chances are they are going to share that similar patterning in at least two of the main auric bodies that you do. What happens during this process is that the auric bodies see that something is similar and hence compatible, and hence the process of sharing energies begins, which triggers the connection.

The soul itself belongs to the spiritual body, as it is a spiritual essence. This means as most people are not in touch with their spiritual bodies, neither are they fully in touch with their soul. They do not know who they truly are. The soul itself can be said to be a ball of energy, extending from the energetic sea of the universe and source consciousness. There is no separation between the individual soul and anything else, being that the same web of energy connects it and everything else together- however its expression is unique, and so you could imagine this like a bubble in tub of water, it is all water and it is all of the same essence, but the bubble extends from it as an individualised point of consciousness. The bubble being its own unique expression has its own signature, or if you like ‘fingerprinting’ which identifies it as itself, and no other soul.

But just as the soul is an extension of universal source energy, so too are the different aspects and auric/chakric layers of the human being an extension of individualised soul consciousness. In a spiritually advanced person, the soul governs all the bodies as a unified energy field, its parts working as one in what can be referred to as the light body. The light body is the higher spiritual auric and soul layer that becomes integrated as a part of the entire being, reabsorbing into itself all its parts. This doesn’t mean that the physical, emotional, or mental layers disappear, rather that they work directed under the spiritual and soul layers, functioning in harmony as a reflection of the light body rather than being disconnected from each other and fighting for dominance of the physical vessel.

Light body Compatibility

As previously mentioned, the patterning in the auric bodies is what allows for attraction. When there is a similarity in patterns there is a compatibility, and depending upon where the compatibility is, is where you will find the type of connection. There is emotional compatibility, mental compatibility, and spiritual body compatibility. As the spiritual body can be separated into two distinct parts, there is also lower spiritual compatibility, and higher spiritual or light body level compatibility. Light body level compatibility is what allows for the soul-merging between twin-flames, lower spiritual level compatibility is what allows for the strong sense of energetic attraction between other awakened soul-connections, and mental level compatibility is what also allows for compatibility for soul-connections who are not yet fully spiritually awake. Emotional and physical body compatibility only is the hallmark of your average 3D karmic connection, but more about karmic connections later.

What I want to focus on is the light body level compatibility as it pertains here to twin flames. The unique signature of each soul is identified through its light body patterning. Being that the light body is the higher level of the soul which connects us to soul consciousness, when two light bodies are compatible, that is, when they share similar soul signatures, they are able to start the process of soul-blending. This process starts first with the recognition of similar templates or light body patterns and consequently all other chakric and auric layers, which then moves onto the overlaying, and finally the merging and healing outcome of the merging. Overlaying is what happens when two light bodies literally overlay each other, after realising how similar they are on a templating level, and rather than staying two separate consciousnesses, then merge to become one instead. This, on a basic level, is like realising you have a triangle, and they have a triangle which is the exact same shape and size and colour, putting them together side by side, then melding them into one larger triangle of the same shape, colour and proportions. The only thing that changes is the size. This is why soul-merging radiates so much love, because as your light body becomes twice as large, your entire energetic being becomes twice as large too.

Now, imagine you have a triangle and they have the exact same triangle, but their triangle is in a bad state instead. Perhaps it’s damaged- many people’s auric layers are damaged or just simply missing as their spiritual bodies disconnect from their being and go wandering in other realms to escape the harshness of this 3D world. When one person has their light body even partially embodied, this means when they meet another person with a compatible light body, that light body will return from the energetic pull so the merging can take affect. Any damaged parts of a light body, when overlayed with a patterning that is not damaged, becomes healed. So the damaged triangle becomes whole again as it takes on the attributes of the undamaged one. What this means though, that as a light body becomes healed and embodied within the physical vessel, all the other auric bodies that are effectively an extension of it become affected too. So any issues you have on the emotional and mental layers are going to experience a rush of new energy from the light patterning which itself is an extension of source energy… and be erased, and replaced with the new templating. However if the emotional and mental bodies are resistance to this process (and they usually are), they will experience severe pain as this happens.

Twin Energy & the Threefold Flame

Twin flame energy is something I have mentioned before. Twin flame energy is basically source energy that is ignited with the heart chakra as unconditional love once the soul starts integrating itself into the physical body and remembers itself. This energy, is known as the threefold flame. The threefold flame carries the attributes of higher soul or monadic consciousness and burns brightly once activated or ‘awakened’ within the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the connection between the lower personality and the higher self and as such purifies the lower auric bodies as it’s ignited through the reconnection or healing of the light body.

The threefold flame gets its name from the three main attributes it embodies in itself as higher soul or monadic/divine consciousness. The first flame or attribute is blue and is the flame of divine will which allows creative manifestation. The second flame is yellow and the flame of divine wisdom and knowledge, and the third flame is pink and the flame of divine love. These flames correspond to the three main monadic rays, one of which our own monadic consciousness will be an extension of. My own monadic ray is that of wisdom, which means the yellow flame will burn more brightly than the other two within my heart chakra. However all three will be active and a good balance is meant to be established with growth and evolution. Through these flames the lower auric bodies will eventually all hold these main attributes of love, wisdom, and will, and be a reflection of the divine rather than disconnected discordant consciousnesses that are submerged in lower density junk and negativity.

Now, what happens when two light bodies start the process of connecting and healing, parts of each light body that were before absent or damaged and preventing of source energy from entering the lower spiritual and auric bodies as well as the physical body, become open and available for healing. What this means is that when you soul merge with someone, they open up your heart to your soul and source consciousness, and allow that flame to burn brightly. This usually triggers an awakening, and is what feels like a huge amount of divine love entering you from the other person. So you call this person your twin flame because they share the same light body patterning which allows the same flame or energy of source consciousness to burn brightly within the heart chakras and start purifying the system, allowing the personality to become aware of its own higher consciousness.

It should be noted here however that as everyone shares the same source consciousness (being that it’s ‘source’, of all-that-is), any person who has that light body compatibility with you will be able to stream in the exact same universal consciousness in those areas of patterning that are exactly identical. So it’s not exclusive only to two persons. The merging can happen on different levels with different people, and this is what I want to get into next. Not every light body is fully compatible, sometimes they are only partially compatible, that is, not all the patterning is identical within them. This I will start to explain next.

Basic Connections

From my experience, there are only two basic kinds of soul-connections. These are the traditional soulmate and karmic connections. A karmic connection as everyone knows is someone whom you have interacted with in past lives, and thus the connection becomes one centered around cause and effect. When you are nice to them in one life, they will return to you in another life and be nice back. A karmic connection with enough time and interaction can be turned into a soulmate, that is, as the two souls become gradually similar through their continued interaction their light body patterns will begin to change to reflect each other. The light body doesn’t stay the same but instead morphs and expands as the individual evolves. Soulmates are those souls with which the light body has a large amount of compatibility with and which has either morphed over time through karmic interactions to reflect each other more perfectly, or which were already similar as a part of being part of the same original soul group.

As each soul is born they are not born separately. They are often born in groups, which are usually the groups of a larger planetary group. This is why the souls of a planet will often be at the same level of consciousness as each other, because they were created at the same time. However, being that source loves to express itself perfectly, it will split itself into many different reflections of itself. You can imagine this like colours of the rainbow, there will be seven main groups of souls within a planet, which have groups of their own and groups of their own too. So within the red spectrum there are seven main shades of red, which are also split into seven shades each, creating a huge compatibility within the light body at that level, being that the similarity between these closest souls is so uncanny. 

These souls are your birth-right family. Each one is a unique reflection of you, being that you are all so very similar and compatible on a light body level, almost identical in fact. If you think about the rainbow spectrum again, if you are the colour orange in your immediate soul-group, then the colour red and yellow are going to be either side of you, making them the closest souls in your group. There may or may not be an identical reflection of you (commonly called the original twin flame split soul), but that is not for the purposes of this post. Because what happens over time, is that as you grow, you become different, your light body patterning changes and you form new soul groups over time. This is also why more advanced souls will have more connections, and more developed at that. They have had a lot of time to explore these bonds and mature them.

Just like your human family, you may not eventually get on with all of your soul group, you will grow apart and migrate to different groups that are more a part of whom you are becoming. As this happens any original split soul twin flame will evolve into their own unique expression too, and eventually over a long period of time may have nothing in common anymore. And this is why karmic connections can become soulmates given enough time, as your light bodies become more similar through multiple shared life experiences. And what this really means is that whilst you may have originally come from one group and been perfectly identical to another soul, over time you may find yourself perfectly identical to a completely different soul or partially identical to other souls as you continually explore the bond and experience of merging and morphing your light bodies into that of similar or identical expressions together. In a nutshell, soulmates are not who you are, but who you want to become. And karmic connections can work towards this too.

The Spiral of Life

I want to touch a little on the spiral of life. I have mentioned this before and I will explore it again here. The spiral of life is an incredibly important concept, everything in life is essentially a spiral. The spiral comes from the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio which is a perfectly infinite number, and is the essential pattern of the universe which makes up everything. When you take the idea of spiritual development back to the basic underlying foundation of the spiral, you see that growth is not linear, but instead functions as a spiral. Through spiralling in our understanding we eventually come to realise our own wholeness… it feels like we have come full circle, but instead are back to where we started with a wider perception of our original starting point.

Now, imagine that anywhere you are on the spiral of development is your soul signature for that particular moment in time. The souls you attract to you for merging will have a similar signature, creating their own ‘soulmate spiral’ with you at the center. The closer ones will be more energetically compatible to you, whilst the ones further out on this soulmate spiral will be less compatible with you. The further out you get the more karmic these connections become. And as you grow and develop down your own spiral as a soul, these connections will spiral in and out, closer to or further away from you, becoming either more or less matched as you explore more of whom you really are as a soul and whom you really want to be.

In this way, soulmates are not part of a fixed larger multidimensional entity, but rather shift as your own soul and light body templating morphs over time. They are part of an ever changing continuum of close connections, with the closer soul-connections likely being fairly static over larger periods of time, and the farther out karmic connections shifting quite drastically in shorter periods of time. So rather than see soul-connections in terms of mathematical constants (we have one twin, ten near twins, 132 soulmates, ect), we can see them as moving variables dependent upon your own soul exploration. The spiral concept also allows for two souls to see each other differently, meaning, one soul in the connection could put the other soul as being quite close, whilst that other soul might feel like the connection is less intense, However, generally the two souls will think of each other quite similarly due to the shared history between them.

Types of Merging

Now, this gets us onto the different types of merging. At the center of your spiral is your own unique soul signature. The closer soulmates are to us, the more they match us energetically (due to the shared light body patterning as mentioned before). When they think, feel, and behave in largely the same ways due to the same auric templating, their own energy can be experienced through each other, allowing the shared experience of emotions, thoughts, and energy. There is nothing mystical about this, only that they are experiencing the same things through each other that they were always experiencing apart, only after the merging process as one larger being instead.

The closer soulmates are to you on this spiral, the more they can merge with you. Inversely the further apart they are from you the less compatible they are for merging. What this means is that souls further apart from you will only be able to complete a partial merging, whilst souls closer to you will be able to complete full mergings. A full merging is when the light body patternings are roughly 75% identical. A partial merge would be around 50% identical. These are not exact figures but rather a rough estimate which probably has some leeway and room for adjustment.  However, a partial merge is what many will call a ‘near twin’. You merge with them partially, and they often act as a catalyst for awakening and meeting a closer soulmate with whom full light body merging and remembrance can occur. 

On top of that, I need to add in that twin-flame connections are not just between soulmates, but between karmic connections too. These karmic connections will often provide themselves as a catalyst rather than a closer soulmate so as to spare you the agony of hurting a soulmate as you heal and go through the purging process. It is near impossible to lash out at a true soulmate and hurt them due to the incredible bond of love shared, so in physical incarnation they are not actually beneficial to spiritual growth and soul-remembrance. So instead a karmic connection will come along who is compatible with you on a light body level but whom you have rarely interacted with before. These are contracts made between karmic connections to help each other evolve and grow and can sometimes turn into soulmates of their own too as they become more permanently closer together on their respective soulmate spirals.

So to sum that up, you can have karmic partial merges and karmic full merges. Both a karmic and soulmate partial merge can be considered a near twin, so this is why there is such a mix up and confusion with definitions. People might think they’re talking about the same thing but they’re really not. My own near-twin was a soulmate, whilst my karmic twin was a full merge.

One Last Note on False Twins
I want to close with a couple of paragraphs on false twins. False twins are basically karmic twins, and ‘true twins’ are those closer soulmates whom you’ve at least partially merged with instead. A true twin will never intentionally hurt you as I mentioned previously, however a karmic twin can and often does hurt you as you go through the purging process and release from you everything that doesn’t serve you. This is why they are called false twins. They function as a mirror in the truest sense because they are more a reflection of whom you were and whom you don’t want to be any longer. So in order for the situation to resolve with them you have to come to full healing inside yourself which cuts the karma.

On top of this, karmic or false twins will not experience the merging process with you as you have with them. That is one sure way to tell it is a karmic twin rather than a true twin. They have come solely to heal you. They don’t need your light body patterning, but you need theirs. Think of it as, all the patterning that you are compatible with, yours is damaged, but theirs isn’t, so they can heal that. However they might be damaged in just about every other place but because you are not compatible at that level you won’t be able to heal them. This energetic connection is completely one-sided and once it’s served its purpose and has fully awakened you will disappear, allowing a true twin to come along for merging. Unfortunately though, many people hang onto these karmic twins, and these are the majority of people these days who are actually experiencing twin flame connections. 

When you hang onto a karmic twin past its time, then things start going south. Because they cannot offer you any healing anymore and they are not spiritually available for full union, and all the energy they gave you, they see it transforming you, unconsciously wanting it for themselves, not realising it actually came from them in the first place. So they start draining. If you are not careful and cut it off when it’s time you will end back up at square one, in an unhealthy and codependent relationship. You will be draining their energy wanting this divine love back (which was only source being allowed to enter you as your light body patterning was fixed), and they will be draining you wanting this source energy that you are now embodying to some extent. It becomes vampiric and ruins whatever progress you initially made.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever written so much before, but this about sums up my entire personal experiences and soul knowledge as its been revealed to me so far. Having experienced a partial merge with a soulmate, a full merge with a karmic connection, and now a full merge with another close soulmate, I feel like I have come to full circle with my understanding of these types of connections. I will add that with the karmic full merge, it will only be temporary along with any attraction to the person because it is one sided and will never be sustained, so there are sustained and unsustained merges. A sustained partial merge will often happen with a near-twin who is a soulmate, whilst a full sustained merge is what will happen with a soulmate when both are fully whole and awakened within themselves. They will not be exactly 100% identical (because then they would cease to have the two separate expressions of form), but they will be close enough to be considered ‘true twin flames’, that is, the closest soulmate and energetic match you have incarnated in physical form and whom was really meant for you as your ‘one’, if you only allow it!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Part 2 Meeting my Other Half, more Solar Plexus Expansions, and 5D Collective Twin Energy

I’m going to lead on from my previous post, about my experiences lately with my other half and the realisations I’ve been coming to. Now something that was quite cool to me was that this new soul-connection of mine turned out to live in the same country(England). It felt like a miracle because before my connections had been all around the world, my previous two twin connections were/are in India and Philippines, making physical meeting more or less impossible for the most part. Although I wasn’t ready to meet my previous twin-connection anyway, I had a lot of issues to overcome first. Let me tell you, if you think these connections are intense over the net, then you have no idea what it’s like in real life!
Okay I might be over-exaggerating a little. Maybe it depends on the person. When we met my other half didn’t experience anything dramatic because he’s not as energetically sensitive as me (to be fair I would have a hard time finding someone who is more energetically sensitive than me), but after our meeting that’s when the energy got really intense for him. Sort of like it was waiting to pounce. But when we first met the first thing I noticed was just how easy it was to be around him, how calm and relaxed I felt. But then I noticed my energy started dissolving. I actually felt like I started dissolving, and couldn’t tell who I was anymore.

I could feel the edges of my aura expanding and stretching into what felt like infinity. And my solar plexus was hit the worst. It was about thirty minutes in, we were walking on the beach (thank goodness for that really) and I started breaking down in giggles, but the kind of painful giggles that turn into cries because you can’t breathe and you’re about to vomit and pass out. The energy became so strong I collapsed right then and there on the green, and the passing people were probably very worried. But then being flat on the ground allowed earth energy into me and I immediately felt stabilised, and we spent much of our time after that sitting on green patches of ground.

What I learned from our meeting, well one of the things anyway, is that I am severely ungrounded! It can’t be helped as I spend so much time in higher consciousness, but I realised part of our process of becoming balanced by the other was not just him opening up to higher consciousness, but me becoming more stabilised in the earth, and not so much floating in the clouds (even if to me it doesn’t feel like that, I feel perfectly stabilised in my own energy, not ungrounded at all, but compared to 3D reality I realised I’m very ungrounded and most of the time not really here at all. And really there’s nothing wrong with that as it’s my path to spend so much time in higher consciousness, but to go higher we do need to be ever grounded deeper). 

But when we were interacting, I realised for the first time how light I felt. I didn’t feel bogged down by my usual fears and worries that I didn’t even realise I was holding. The main thing for me is that I realised during that time I had no fear of being judged. None at all. And I was so much myself it was more like a meeting with me, the real me, than with him! And when he left (we live a couple of hundred miles away, not perfect but still better than thousands of miles away), I could feel such a change in my energy. At first I was confused because I felt so large, our merged aura went on for meters and meters, whilst my own aura is just over three meters now (more on that later), and then I felt my energy contract sharply and he did feel the same too. And then I missed more than anything that feeling of expansion, that feeling of me.

Now I know I need to work on releasing the rest of those feelings and holding that expansion and groundedness naturally without needing to be around him, that’s the point and that was the point of our meeting I feel, to stabilise our connection fully and to make us realise the depths of our souls more fully, who we are separately and who we are in each other. I took away a lot from that meeting, and had a huge solar plexus clearing a few hours after he left. It was the most awful thing but absolutely necessary. I now have hope for my solar plexus that it can be fully cleared out, but there is I feel still a long way left to go.

Now about the merged aura, that’s an interesting thing. I was writing beforehand about my monad integration, merger into the red ray, seventh initiation, and twelve chakric embodiment. I was writing about how I called him my twin ray because he was my monadic counterpart. These things haven’t changed, though my understanding of them has. I did complete a full twelve chakric embodiment which was possible from meeting him, the merge which has made my aura over three meters wide, and also changed the vibration of my seven main chakras. Me and my other half share a heart chakra now, and it was so strange when I checked out my heart chakra and where it used to be pink was purple instead, and three times as large. Same with my crown chakra which was magenta-red! That same red ray which I’d been working on integrating as part of the monadic and logoic mergers into the sixth and seventh initation.

So what’s happened is, I think, the purple crown chakra has descended into our heart, and the red 12th chakra has descended into our crown. Creating a fully embodied monadic expression in two bodies as one. Now this is where I want to change directions a little with the post. Because he is essentially my ‘other half’ right now, and maybe he was always my other half, I don’t know. I don’t know how these things really work(though I can speculate). But something I have realised is that what we have done is not unique to only one person who we like to call a ‘twin-flame’. This is my third experience of ‘twin energy’ within a person, within meeting a soul-connection. How can it be unique?

In actual fact, this ‘energy’ seems to be our own signature, our own love expressed through another person. Basically all soul-connections have the ability to experience this kind of unity, but are limited through their own lower awareness. Love is the language of the universe, all is love, love is all. We are all Love at the core of our being, and when we share that love with each other we experience ourselves as one… that is twin energy, it’s the recognition of your own divinity in someone you share a higher fifth or sixth dimensional connection with. Whilst third dimensional love is karmic and unpleasant, fourth dimensional love is between ‘soulmates’, this fifth dimensional love we attribute to only one person is also between ‘soul-mates’, just a level up! And as you keep becoming more and more of who you truly are, you experience deeper and deeper connections with those you love.

Never again will I say to myself “this is the end, there is no love after the twin flame experience” how preposterous! Twin flame energy is the love of the fifth dimension, as long as you are vibrating at that frequency you WILL attract someone to share that with. You will experience soul-sharing, there is no distinction between love, love on the 3D plane is seen as something unreachable… why do we want these perceptions in our twin flame experiences? Love is right here right now, we only have to realise it. Love can be shared consciously between everyone and anyone you want, and the more people who are aware the more we can turn this into a collective experience, where love isn’t hoarded or attributed to only one person, but seen for the unity it really is, the interconnectedness of God in us all, the beautiful experience of becoming one in two or one in three or one in five or one in millions… how amazing does that kind of love sound! Amplified like that between so many! And yet we push it away, due to our own limitations, due to our desire to own or feel like love is owned by a specific person… when it belongs to no one, it is all of ours. 

This is what you call shedding the ego folks, the ego likes to think “wow I have another half to my soul finally I can be complete”… it’s not like that at all. Soul-merging comes about only because you’re ready to know your own soul, and through that become aware of the whole new wide world of soul-merging, energy sharing, love-making, ect. You become greater than yourself, you allow love to flow through you, and just be, experiencing yourself as one, many, and all….

So, I may or may not have another literal half, but I am experiencing myself now as larger than two as one, three in one really when you think about it, me, my other half, and source. And it’s a beautiful experience. But I will never limit it or myself and say this is ‘it’, there is always greater, always more. And I believe and know that, and I am ready now to experience being more than myself, I am ready to enter the wide world of loving on all levels, to transcend fully the personal and yet, make it a truly personal experience within the third dimensional world. Bringing the fifth and sixth dimensions to earth, becoming a collective and unity consciousness gradually, step by step. I can see the new world will be beautiful, but we have to allow it and stop trying to claim something that was never ours to begin with. Just allow yourself to experience and move onto bigger and better things, more loving and joyful things, without getting hung up on the past and regrets….

Anything is possible when you are receptive!


Twin Flame Connections, Soul-Merging, Shared Self-Realisation AND more Parallel Timelines!

So much has happened this past month I don’t know where to start! I’d wanted to write this post for a while but was mostly just waiting for things to make sense, for the bigger picture to descend from the skies and hit me in an ‘aha!’ moment. In my last post I was writing about my channeling, and also meeting my new soul-connection who I’d termed my ‘twin-ray’ on terms of the understanding I was gaining back then… as we all know meeting these types of twin connections really puts us through the mill in terms of discarding our old outdated belief systems and mental programmings.

I haven’t channeled in a while due to the madness of everything that’s happened. I haven’t felt the urge to do it lately and mostly seems like it’s not right for my current situation. My channeling was a part of exploring my multi-dimensionality but as I am currently exploring that in real life right now, e.g. I’m meeting another *me* in the physical 3D world, it doesn’t seem so important anymore. Multidimensionality is no longer a vague concept that only exists in the ether somewhere… it’s happening right here and right now, becoming more and more a reality to the people on earth.

I’m gonna write a bit about my new twin/soul-connection/other half and how we met, how circumstances brought us together, and how time was really waiting for the right moment to start our merging process. So, let’s backtrack to 2014. January 2014 was when I had my self-realisation experience, after my four month merging process with my previous twin-flame connection. Through him I realised my divinity, and I thought to myself “well, surely this is the end now of relationships, what use do I have for them”, but little did I know what was waiting for me.

I joined spiritualforums.com around about that time, and started getting some info on what I’d experienced. It was super helpful for me. As everyone probably already knows by now, I separated with my previous twin connection, basically I ‘ran’, because I was overwhelmed with everything that had happened and needed time and space to make sense of everything. It definitely helped me out. But whilst I was on the forum I didn’t realise that I’d already started interacting with my now ‘other half’, and that we were both being readied to experience this connection…

For all of 2014 the thing I was dealing with mostly was my solar plexus power/control issues and the large [multidimensional] entity I had lurking in there, which was cutting me off from my own multidimensional being. But when I got that removed things started to flow again. That exact same month, January 2015, it just ‘happened’ that me and my other half started messaging more intensely, and we started getting energetic symptoms but as a result of our unconsciousness at the time we projected them onto others. I’d just got to a good place with my previous twin connection and so figured the energy was coming from him, but it actually wasn’t.

It was only when me and my other half took our conversations to personal email that things really started ramping up (this rings bells, I’m pretty sure that happened last time too, lol!) and I had a ‘parallel life memory’ of meeting him before. It really was the craziest thing. Apparently not just me but humanity had jumped into a parallel universe at the beginning of the year, and so the past in this reality we’re living in now is not the same as the past most of us remember. But when I met my other half I had a strong memory hit me out of nowhere, and along with a psychic reading from a friend things started to make more and more sense, gradually.

What had happened was that in 2013 we were both in dark places inside ourselves. But we knew each other and were close ‘friends’ (or whatever term you wanna use, kinda hard to split the love up into different kinds) and we supported each other through that time. It was mostly a pleasant memory, that we had each other even though we mostly felt terrible in our unconsciousness. But we’d both already started our awakenings. Him in 2012 and me in May 2013, and the darkness that was coming up for release was what we were left to deal with, together.

But then there was an abrupt cut off, and we stopped interacting. That was when I met my previous twin-flame connection in the original timeline, and became fully awakened. From the psychic reading and through intuition we gleaned that my other half actually ran away from me, or rather neglected me (but we all love to use the run/chase terms) because he was afraid of the connection. Oh I know how that is! Surreal that this actually already happened, it makes up a large part of our ‘story’, and as always when things happen to me it’s not your average story… always has to be batshit crazy.

Anyway, unaware of what had gone on in the original timeline, we both met up and all the weird energy things started happening again, this time more intense than I remember from the original timeline. I had the strong feeling something was being ‘completed’, we were actually finishing our original soul-merge which hadn’t been completed due to his (our) fear and the fact we weren’t ready for that intense type of love back then. So, within two weeks of emailing we completed our soul-merge, and it was one of the most intense things I have ever experienced!

As we became one we took on all of each other’s pains, blockages, energies, ect. There was no distinction between him and me, but at first it was like hell because he had the worst heart chakra blockage which was keeping him cut off from higher consciousness. But he was ready to shed it at that point, just like I was ready for more solar plexus expansions which are still going on. But when we initially became one being in two bodies, my heart chakra felt like it was going to split in half from the density, it was absolutely horrible. But through that in only a few days I helped him clear it out completely, and his kundalini rose and I experienced his self-realisation in me.

This is not something we actually both experienced and I’m not sure whether he feels realised or not, but he definitely feels different. The thing I’ve noticed is that self-realisation increasingly is becoming less of a big deal. For me it was very dramatic, but for many others they experience it without even realising they experienced it, and I think this is what happened to my other half. He was actually asleep at the time, and I was dealing with his energetic blockages over the course of a few hours, it all kicked off when I sent him some heart energy which put me more fully inside his body, and I encountered an alien implant at the back of his skull which was blocking his kundalini off. When I removed that (painful, let me tell ya), the most beautiful thing happened.

I had a vision that he saw the light of his soul, and I was suddenly lifted up into the wave of the universe, one with all life, but this time I took him with me. And it was like, he realised his true self in me, and at that time we completed a full soul merge and truly became one, an enlightened unit, together. And straight after that I descended back into myself with him and our kundalini rose so hard and fast up into his brain, making us truly connected on all levels, sharing the same energy system, same heart chakra, same consciousness. We completed what we started in the original timeline in 2013.

It was the most wonderful experience and something I will never forget. I didn’t just experience my own realisation and kundalini rising but that of another’s too… can you say blessed with grace or what? Someone out there really loves me (or maybe I just really love myself ;))

Anyway, I do want to write more about our physical meeting in the flesh, my own solar plexus expansions, and also how my understanding of soul and twin connections has morphed yet again, but I feel it could probably take up the expanse of another entire post, so I’ll stop here for now! It seems right to end it on the shared self-realisation, though I didn’t initially expect to write of it. It was beautiful, and really stabilised our love for each other into the fifth dimension allowing further frequencies to open up to us, allowing the sixth dimension to begin its descent into human matter…..

Until next time!

What’s a Soul Anyway and How Can it be Split?

I have been an adamant defender against the twin flame split soul concept for a long time. To me the idea that a soul is ‘split’ has never made any sense. And far from it for me to accept things blindly on any topic without thinking it through first and coming to my own conclusions, I have spent a long time internally exploring the actual dynamics of how it works. Ironically as I originally presumed, the split soul theory is not really that far out from the truth and I have had to come to, grudgingly, admit that I was wrong, although I am glad for my deeper understanding now. Things could only have ever turned out this way with my curious mind and more intellectual disposition than romantic inclination.
I have always felt that the idea of having a split soul makes it easier for us to cling to a perfect ideal, which really works against the actual connection as expectations, beliefs, and desires need to be surrendered to the higher self and soul for the highest good of the personality. The suffering many of us experience is a direct result of holding onto something negative inside us when we should be letting go, and in the process projecting those traits onto others around us, especially our twin flame whom we believe *should* be with us considering they are half of our own soul and all. But the reality doesn’t work like that. Regardless of the dynamics, sifting through our motivations is important so we can see whether we’re reacting from a sense of entitlement or from unconditional love.

In fact it’s the very dynamic of the twin flame connection itself which makes it necessary to let go of the labels and understandings we use to make sense of our world around us. You cannot be anything other than who you are in front of your ‘other half’, you must be your true self or you will push them away, you will push yourself away. Think about it like this, when you do something that upsets you, for example comfort eat, it makes you feel bad, right? So you push yourself way in the process of engaging in a harmful behaviour which the ego feels it needs to make itself feel better. In fact this is the exact definition of a self-destructive loop.

Well, it’s exactly the same with your twin, they will hurt you when you hurt yourself. They will love you when you love yourself. Acceptance and love for yourself is the core of operating from your highest self, being soul embodied in human form. When you can be that you can be with your twin because there is nothing in the way of yourself.

Now, as for how this dynamic actually works, I am going to take a different approach to the split souls theory. This is purely for the sake of my not liking the terminology ‘split’ which assumes a form of separation, when in fact nothing at all is separated, we only create that illusion for ourselves. There is also another reason, but for now if you desire to think of your twin as ‘another you’, then that will work perfectly fine too.

Onto the connection itself. But first, I need to define what a soul is and how it differs to the higher self. The soul is actually not usually fully incarnated. The soul is an aspect of the personality, or rather the personality is an aspect of the soul which is in physical form. The soul itself is usually not fully integrated into the physical form due to its energetic size and purity, only the truly self-actualised are fully soul embodied, that is they are soul-actualised.

The soul actually incarnates part of itself, you the personality, into human form in order to learn how to eventually embody itself fully in this denser 3D plane. The more experience a soul has with this process the better they will be at it and the more soul-actualised and embodied the personality will become. The soul still acts as a unique aspect but is fully inside the body and one with the personality, instead of hovering outside or wandering around in other realms waiting for the personality to notice it so the merging process can begin.

If you like you can visualise this as a cone shape, the point or tip of the cone is faced downwards into physical reality. Usually it’s just the tip and the larger end of the cone will either be waiting above or disconnected entirely and pursuing its own life. The larger end of the cone rests in the soul realms, with the energy being interfaced through the fifth dimension.

Now, because most humans are out of touch with themselves, the soul can often not communicate directly, let alone merge into its personality. So it creates another aspect of itself, an extension if you like where its energy can be downgraded or converted into 4th dimensional density. The personality then is more receptive to this higher astral form, and will pay more attention to it. But as the personality evolves it merges into this aspect and gradually into its soul, or the soul descends into the personality.

So, the soul being the soul, sometimes it decides when it becomes more advanced, to create a unique aspect of itself, or extension which is totally different to its current personality. This would be the creation of one’s twin. The actual way this works can vary, for example twins can be created at the same time, or at different times (which is why one twin can often be more ‘advanced’ than the other), and also this process is not just limited to two aspects, extremely advanced souls could create more extensions of itself, though usually when a soul has experienced this once the desire to experience it again fades as it has already learned and grown and hence tends to just stick to itself as being expressed in two different forms,

This other twin extension of a soul is different to the higher self, which is more or less a converter between two different aspects of self. It disappears once the two have merged. Think of it this way, in the cone example, the higher self would be the middle part of the shape, it’s a go between, whilst a twin would be another cone point extending from the base at a ninety degree angle, creating in actual fact two separate higher selves, each the true self of both.

So they are two unique beings, with two separate higher selves and two separate ‘true forms’, yet ultimately they are one. You see they were never split in the first place, they are extensions of a greater energy. They have always been whole. Realising myself as my soul makes this clear to me, as time has gone on and I have accepted my feelings and intuitions over my rationale, I directly feel my twin as an extension of me as my soul. I am not identified with the cone point anymore, but the entire shape as well as the base which allows me to feel myself not only as whole as I have always been in my highest self, but whole as a larger multidimensional being and the extensions of that thereof.

And this is the clincher, we are never alone. We truly do just have to learn to recognise them inside our hearts where they have always been all along. This is different from realising the divine self which connects us as all, though is very closely entwined anyway. As the soul is an extension itself of the divine spark, when the personality remembers itself as the soul, it remembers itself as the living flame which fuels the soul, the light and love which is the creator of all.

Now, this gets me to the terminology of ‘twin flames’. I see many people use the term twin souls, in fact from my understanding now this would be inaccurate terminology, because they do share, or rather are parts of, the same soul essence. Essentially twins share the same core energy signature, and the same divine spark or ‘flame’ that ignites the heart chakra when activated. Through spiritual awakening the process of the divine self and soul descending into the personality starts, and flame is ignited in the sacred heart center, which is actually just behind the heart chakra, but also part of the higher heart chakra. These parts of the energetic system are all connected, but at the end of the day, when the flame is ignited it sits in the heart and purifies the ego and lower self.

That is why we start to have so many problems with resistance and negativity. Because our shameful and fearful selves fight the light and love that has arisen in us. And when you add ‘twin flame’ into the mix, you get a whole load of new problems. Because twins share the same divine spark which descends into the heart as a flame, they essentially share the same ‘flame’. That is, the flame of the heart chakras share the exact same energy signature. And when you put these two together… oohh, watch out!

Sharing the exact same energy signature, they recognise each other, and so the same purifying flame in them recognising itself in you too…. guess what it does?! It decides to start clearing you out too! 😉 Although the energy can differentiate between the two unique aspects of self, it does not see them ultimately as being any different. A flame is a flame and you will be purified or you will suffer greatly for resisting.  And that is what many of us go through and experience.

The great news about this however, is that once you place your attention inside and let your own flame purify you, when you allow yourself to become soul embodied, you stop trying to merge into them and you realise yourself as the unique being you have always been. You see, there is no need to merge into them, they are already you! You just have to clear out your negativity to realise this and know it as part of yourself, to know them as part of yourself, as a mirror and reflection of yourself.

This would also explain to me why the mirror being internal to begin with as a function of the soul, is immediately ignited and recognised upon meeting your twin flame, as they being an extension of your soul essence, would be that same internal mirror, however embodied in an other 3D physical form.

Ultimately, the lesson is to learn to operate from your highest self, and to realise who you already are- that is a multidimensional light being who is not just one but a multiple of wholes. This twin flame understanding is only the beginning, there is a HUGE world, or rather universe/omniverse out there, waiting for exploration. Don’t think it ends here, don’t limit yourself, and remember that your beliefs are the only thing limiting you. When you change your beliefs, you change your world. And it can be as fun or as tiring and depressing as you want it to be. 

So much to explore! Namaste.

The ‘Soul’ in ‘Soul-Connection’.

When we talk about soul connections and twin flames and state that we share half a soul.. or maybe not, what do we actually mean when we say ‘soul’? I don’t think anyone really ever defines this, and depending on who you ask you will probably get a number of different responses. Some will say there’s no such thing as the soul, and others will say that their soul is basically their Higher Self.. a perfected version of themselves. These same people will tend to see their soul as something separate and outside of themselves, though it might not be stated so explicitly.
I think it is important to understand what a soul really is before we go around throwing around terms such as ‘soul-connections’ and stating that we share half of a soul with someone when we don’t even know what a soul is in the first place. What I write here is not necessarily truth.. only my own understanding and interpretations of what a soul really is. I have taken my inspiration to write this post after listening to Lee Carroll’s channelling of Kryon’s understanding of a soul (I’ll post the link down at the bottom), and there may be some influences of that in here as I write. But I do want to make one thing clear first.. listening to it solidified my own thoughts about souls.. I’m not simply taking what he says as truth without prior analysis.

First, let’s start at the basics. I think most reading this are aware of the inter-connectedness of reality and how everything is one. We are all source expressing itself. Kryon calls this ‘oneness’ the ‘soul’. Though most of us assume that we all have separate souls, Kryon states that there is no such thing as separation.. something I am hugely aware of after experiencing myself as all that is. Due to that, all our souls are the same, in essence. They are all source energy.

Due to the infinite nature of existence it seems unlikely to me that we stay the same ‘soul’ forever. To the ego identified mind this is a potentially very scary thing- the idea that we have no identity. But the soul itself has no identity. I have experienced that. In all potentiality it is nothing and it is everything. The more soul presence I develop the more I become aware of my own core changeability. Yesterday I was a different person to who I am today, who will again be a different person to who I am tomorrow. This life I am completely different to how I was ten thousand lives ago.
Through time we are shaped by our experiences, circumstances, and the external situations we find ourselves in. As we interact with our environment we merge to some extent with the energy surrounding it. When you meet people and get on with them you start to develop traits of each other. You’ve swapped energy.. you’re being changed by your circumstances. Over time this constant swapping and back of forth of energy will make your soul signature completely different to the way it was before. 
Kryon states that soulmates are those souls who we have swapped the most energy with. We’ve become so alike and share so many of the same similarities.. we are drawn to them because we recognise parts of ourselves in them. Our energy has merged and we feel a ‘connection’ with them. He further goes onto state that some soul connections that have a strong connection to each other are souls who once were one but split their energy to become two separate souls. I can see the resemblance to the twin flame theories here.

However, unlike most twin flame theories, Kryon is saying that this splitting and merging is going on all the time. For example, that soul that split themselves up may have been a mix of five other different souls before that. So considering this, you could say we potentially have a very great number of twins.. or have had over the millennium. Because soul energy never stays the same and is always changing essence.. there is no set individual ‘soul’ that we can stick in a box and call ‘me’.
Again, the ego doesn’t like this idea. It sounds preposterous. It might say “who am I if I have no identity”? But our real identity is source identity. You can see souls as perfected higher versions of ourselves if that’s easier to visualise, but at the core of us all, we are one soul. We are Source.
Therefore, I can say after all this that, although souls do exist, they also don’t. What we often visualise to be a Higher version of ourselves is likely just another individualised though expanded consciousness that we share energy with. The ironic paradox of existence being that we can never really become source and merge into it, because we already are it.. our ‘Higher Self’ is an ideal ‘us’ that we strive after. But we already are That.
So, our soul is not really a thing. It’s just source inside us experiencing itself in many different ways. ‘Soul connections’ are similar energies we share and recognise and experience together.. twins are souls we have an exact energy match with for that specific period in time.. for whatever reason. There is no hierarchy of ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ souls, or connections ‘closer’ or ‘further’ to or away from us. These things are always changing and moving. And at the core.. they are always the same.
The soul is infinitely recreating itself.
The real beauty of all this being that when you recognise source within all being the one true and only soul, you realise.. everyone you meet is a soul connection. We all share the same energy, fundamentally. There is no separation between any of us. And I think that is wonderful.

Lee Carroll’s channelling of Kryon on the ‘soul’:  

Twin Flames and Past Lives

Twin Flames. Just what are they? So many theories going around.. but no one seems to know for sure. In midst of my own journey I have come to a few conclusions. First: It is not a normal connection. I see so many couples calling each other twins because they have found someone special. Sorry guys but that’s a soulmate connection. How can I tell the difference? Simple. If it doesn’t drag you to hell and back and in the process make you aware to a greater reality then you’re probably just fooling yourself. A twin flame connection is NOT a romantic connection. Despite what everyone says. It is a connection with one purpose: To make you realize who you really are. It is a connection of unconditional divine love, one which opens your eyes to the truth: That you ARE love. You are love itself.

How does a connection like this work? Honestly I have no idea. I don’t think it’s really too important, but some say that twins share the same Higher Self or the same Oversoul which I think is more likely. Apparently reuniting with this other part of you creates a recognition of similar energy and is what causes the recognition of Self and that huge blast of awareness, because you are basically meeting yourself. There are also theories that a twin is just someone you have incarnated with since the beginning of being split and so your energies have become almost identical over the ages.. which also potentially works. Then there’s the fact that it could just be a simple one time soul contract to help both raise themselves to greater awareness. Which is probably less likely.

It seems to me that meeting a twin is something that’s more likely to happen at the end of a persons young soul phase or at the beginning of a persons mature soul phase. I have noticed the difference myself between the way mature souls and old souls deal with this connection. Mature souls will do anything for the connection, saying ‘true love fights’, with a focus on relationship and family, whilst old souls seem more ready to let things go and just be, due to already having realized many lives before that love ‘just is’, and there is nothing you can do or not do that will change that. Mature souls are more likely so get caught up in the romance and drama of it all, whilst old souls are more likely to see it for how it is and go with the flow.

In relation to past lives, there is an interesting phenomena that I have observed. Maybe it is has something to do with revisiting any past karma that remains and releasing that, but souls will seem to phase through all of their previous lives in one way or another before settling. At least I have seen this in mature and older souls. The length each phase lasts seems to depend on how much karma is remaining. This can also be seen in twin flame connections. Meeting a twin is like suddenly being reset to a new soul. You then go through the phases again to release any more karma that remains. So it’s like a double shot of karmic cleansing. The length these phases last also seem dependent upon how much karma remains from past lives and also how much progress one has made with their twin in past lives.

After as many of these karmic phases with each other have been cleared out as possible, usually one of from the twin flame connection will disappear. This is because if both were to stay together no more progress for either would be able to be made. It’s a time for integration and realization, a time to come to terms with the reality of being. This phase can go on indefinitely until both are awake to their true nature and purpose.. at least that’s what I’ve observed. The only twins that seem to be permanently back together are the ones who are both realized. 

Otherwise there may be a lot of separation and reunion, but nothing really solid. It’s no wonder that twins are often said to be in their last incarnation when they find each other. Although this obviously isn’t true, it does seem to be true that their last incarnation is the one where both become awakened to their true nature, hence allowing the two to become one, not with each other, but with all that is, together. Along with that naturally comes awareness of their joint purpose on earth before moving onto the next dimension.

One thing I have noticed in relation to past lives phases and twin flames is that of how the chakras seem to correspond to particular soul ages. For example, a new soul will mostly be mostly operating from the root chakra, whilst a mature soul will mostly be operating from the heart, having activated the sacral and solar plexus through the infant and young soul ages. Because of this, it does not appear uncommon that a twin flame connection will awaken Kundalini once the heart is open. 

I do not know why the Kundalini needs an open heart to be activated as I am not that aware to energetic dynamics and pathways within the body, but as the heart is the gateway between the lower self and the higher self it makes sense that once the heart is open the Kundalini can then activate and rise to ajna, causing self-realization and residing there until it has pierced the crown and the soul becomes one with God. Because of the necessity of an open heart chakra for this to occur it seems like this awakening will be more common within older twin souls, rather than mature twin souls who are still working on opening up their heart.
One thing that I want to mention before I close, is something about labels. It exasperates me when people try to make the stages happen themselves because it’s written all over the internet in a set of instructions and it’s meant to happen that way. I tried that- and it didn’t work. Love cannot be controlled, only surrendered to. What will happen will happen anyway no matter what is tried or not. Labels extend from love, not the other way round. Part of the twin flame connection is realizing this.. that you create your own reality, and nothing else creates it for you. Everything that has ever happened is of your own making.. but in a way to which most are unaware of. There is no such thing as destiny or fate.. only free will and the becoming in sync with that.

This post has run away from me a little with concepts that most will not understand until they live them.. and that is really what the twin flame connection is all about. Learning to live life, truly, alive with full awareness.

If it doesn’t awaken you, then it’s not a twin flame connection.