Doing Guided Meditations from YouTube & Meeting my Guardian Angel

I’ve been feeling awful these past couple of days. So spiritually lost, trying to heal myself, but failing. Nothing has been happening, tried channeling energy into me from Cosmic Christ but felt no difference at all.

And I think focusing on my issues has amplified them, making me feel worse. My anxiety has been sky rocketing and my depression too. I was almost ready to give up completely, but then I thought perhaps there are some guided meditations on youtube I can give a go.

I came across a channel who focuses on angelic healing with Jesus Christ, even though she doesn’t seem like a self-labelled Christian, the meditations felt very Christian to me, so I decided to go along with them.

First meditation I did was to clear any entities from my field. Didn’t feel much different afterwards, so I went onto the next one, which was about cutting cords in my energy field. OMG, all this time I’d been focusing on the wrong thing. I thought ENTITIES were the source of my issues. But I have horrible negative cords EVERYWHERE, and when I visualised Saint Michael cutting them, I started wailing out loud, like some deep pain was being released. I will have to do that visualisation more.

Then after that meditation I felt quite good, so I anointed myself with oil in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which I’ve been doing lately (and it’s one of the only things I’ve tried apart from the guided meditations that’s actually helping)…. and then I saw the guided meditation to meet your guardian angel.

And I thought, “well, in Charismatic Christian circles like my house church they encourage talking with angels and getting to know your guardian angel, so I’ll try it”. So I did.

The visualisation was quite long, but it turns out my aura needed a lot of violet energy in it, so in the meditation that happened.

In the meditation, I actually ended up being transported to heaven, and it was sooooo beautiful, and made my energy quite relaxed and content.

Anyway, when it came to meet my GA, I saw he was a male, very kind male, with very gentle energy, and he had four wings, was much taller than me, and was wearing a crown made out of what looked like daisies. He had a saint-like quality about him.

Then in the guided meditation I had to ask his name. So I asked, and I got ‘Matthias’. Then Matthias started giving me a back massage and channeling Cosmic Christ energy into my back to heal it. I think my back heart chakra is splayed wide open in a very negative way.

Then in the meditation my guardian angel had to give me a gift, and he gave me a rattle, and said to shake it whenever I feel anxious, and it will alert him. I thought that was cool 🙂 So now whenever I feel anxious I’ll imagine shaking that rattle, and see what happens!

But halfway through the guided meditation a negative overlay started happening, and my angel started growing horns, so I had to rebuke that, and the image turned pure again.

Then, I had to ask a message from my guardian angel, and he said “Everything is in Jesus’ perfect timing, he has a plan for you”…. and something else I can’t remember.

Then the visualisation ended. But I saw in my aura, this angelic energy was coming from above my crown chakra – like really, really pure. It was beautiful.

I am a bit nervous because last time I talked to entities I messed up. But I’m ok talking to Jesus, Mary, and my GA Matthias (a play on Matthew, perhaps? Same being or different?)

I also want to do some self-hypnosis videos, I think I am gonna stick to these guided meditations until I start to feel overall better.

Also, I just wanna chat to my guardian angel right now the more traditional way, through telepathy, which I’ll do in this post below:

1) Is Matthias your name then?

“Yes, you got that right”

2) What’s your purpose with me?

“To guide you, to lead you to Christ, to bring you into your full soul potential”

3) How many guardian angels do I have from Jesus, including you?

“Seven, one for each chakra – that number is very significant biblically too”

4) Is it okay to talk to you like this?

“In moderation, remember my goal is to lead you to Christ, so your focus isn’t meant to be on me, but on Him”

5) Can I work with you energetically and in guided meditations though?

“That’s my purpose, to clear your energy field, to ward it, and to lead you deeper to Christ through the sanctification that comes through being one of his children”

6) Can I do a guided meditation to meet Jesus?

“Jesus is already here with you *laughs*, but you can if you want”

7) Do you know what my soul purpose is?

“To lead others to Christ, to embody Christ fully in this life time, to learn and to love. You may not want to right now but you will convert a lot of people who will thank you for it”

8) So, past lives, do they exist?

“Yes, you’ve had many, and I am an extension of one of your own incarnations, if you like”

9) Is that really compatible with a Christian world view?


10) Okay last question, can you give me another back massage and channel Christ’ energy into that area, and seal it up against negative energies?

“Sure – you store a lot of tension in your shoulders” …. saw him channel some kind of coloured light into it, then rotate anti-clockwise whilst sealing in the energy


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