Conversations With Jesus Christ

1) Hi Jesus

“I’m ready to talk”

2) What do you think of my progress lately?

“You still have a long way to go, but I am with you every step of the way”

3) It is alright taking a more Esoteric approach towards Christianity, isn’t it?

“There is nothing wrong with it, in fact my children who study Christianity Esoterically often know more about me than those who don’t”

4) You once told me you are the one true God, and now I believe it’s true, right?

*laughs* “It took a while for you to get, but I’m glad you have now my child”

5) So you are the most powerful force in the universe?

“Not just the Universe, but outside it, to the very edges of existence where reality ceases to exist, and to the very core of hell – death has no hold over me”

6) Am I supposed to be a healer? Or perhaps a physical doctor? Or both? Or neither?

“You will do what I did, as the healer archetype”

7) Do you want me to do spirituality full time or part time?

“I want your whole attention to be focused on me, and this is how I set up your life from the beginning, your craving to know all things, and I will teach you all things. Also, (this bit of information was a bit random) you will have another boyfriend, but you will fall away from each other, as he won’t be interested in knowing me and won’t help your own spiritual progress”

8) So can I do Chios Energy Healing?

“In moderation”

9) What type of healing do you want me to focus on, if any at all?

“Well, my people have established their own healing techniques from a number of different non-Christian sources, and first you would do good to learn about those. But then I want you to go onto learning Esoteric Christian healing techniques (implied: Not so much New Age like Chios Healing, or Reiki)”

[I have an idea here to consult the non-canonical biblical books for ideas too]

10) Which practice will most build me up and make me stronger and really protected?

“Taking wine and bread, but especially the in taking of wine, will connect you to me and establish a very strong bond”

11) I think I’ll stop here now, but thank you for showing me the things you did last night!

“My cross is always here for you when you need me”


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