Conversations with the Blessed Virgin Mary 1

1) Blessed Virgin Mary, would you like to say anything to me?

“I am like a delicate flower that you need to water in your heart, the more you water me, the more I’ll grow inside you”

2) Do you want me to water you in my heart?

“Nothing would delight me more my child, and then through that I can lead you to the utmost high God”

3) Do you worship the one true God, or one of many deities?

“I am devoted to all my children, in service of the one true God”

4) Are you an ascended master?

“I am whatever you want me to be to you”

5) What do you want to tell me about Jesus?

“He’s my one true delight, we are kindred spirits”

6) Do you mind if I do esoteric rituals involving you?

“When I was living I did many too, or did you think that I came to be the Mother of Jesus by mere chance? It was my spiritual adeptness which made me a suitable candidate to bare the chosen one, it was a heavy burden but I am grateful all the same”

7) I read that you communicated regularly with angels, is that true?

Yes that is true, I lived with angels, played with them, danced with them, and lived in heaven whilst on earth. Heaven was more real to me than physical reality.

8) Is that why I feel a connection with you?

“You feel a connection with me because I love you, and you can feel that. You find it harder to feel Jesus’ love because there is a dark entity blocking you off, can you see it? You don’t have the bad associations with me that you do with Jesus and hence no negative energy can manipulate that. Therefore you can come to Jesus more easily through me”

9) Why is the entity there?

“It wants to kill you, but it can’t have you, I am protecting you, my child”

10) Am I your child, was I chosen to be your child before I was born?

*vision of Mary kneeling before the throne of Jesus, asking if she could have me for her own. Jesus said go ahead, I am now hers. in the this this happened when I first dedicated myself to her.*

11) Why did you accept me, when I made that dedication, not even knowing the truth of who you are?

Wow… a lot of information in one go here. Hard to write it all down:

“Because you were struggling, and that demon was blocking you off from Jesus, so I decided to step in and help you, and now when you call on me I will always be here. My energy is strong and you can meditate on it and utilise it whenever you want, so that you will become stronger too. I have a lot of angelic angel at my disposal and you will become strong and protected within me too”

12) Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary, and for talking with me. I love you ❤

*vision of her smiling*


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