Einstein–Rosen Bridge

Starlight creeps out the time warped crack in the wall in front of me,
Phantoms of loves lost long ago
Stone heart reveal your secrets, open at my caressing whisper

Devils laugh beside the dried tear-encrusted chasm, hope glimmers from deep inside this fourth dimensional well

I tumble head first into the rabbit hole, grasping for twisted vines around the edges of the void…
Almost, scraping, nails scream against dark matter, failing to find any living thing to hold onto.

Yet in the center of this imagination remains a seed, unwanted, expelled, undervalued,
However, incredible in power, thrown away for nothing, only to be vacuumed up by the umbilical cord of the cosmos.

In the depths lies a contraption, a new conception, a recycled birth in wake of the destructive implosion.


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