Blending Active Imagination, Creative Writing and Channeling Into a Whole for Higher Dimensional Contact

Here I decided to do a new thing, I don’t know if I will continue doing this but it was very interesting what happened this first time. I decided to blend Carl Jung’s active imagination technique, creative writing and channeling into one so as to contact other non-incarnate consciousnesses within my own living dimensional ‘heart space’. What came out was this, an interesting experience which was perfectly real as my mental body and the mental bodies of these beings visited. It was like some kind of ritual that happened where we paid homage to the creator essence… totally unplanned as I didn’t know what to expect when I tried this but it came out amazing and was perfectly healing too, so I am chuffed 🙂 Here is what followed, enjoy!

I am looking at the scene. First thing I see is the tree. I always see the tree when I am standing here. It’s in front of me, in this small garden patch… it started off as a small garden patch anyway. I usually go up to the tree in the beginning to feel it, to touch it, to sense the rough bark under my fingers. I turn around and look at the bench that is always there, and I decide to sit down. Sitting down is something I tend to do ritually too and I notice the bench being made of wood is rather grounding. I feel it connects me to the earth just like the tree does. 
I am sat here for a while in my imagination grounding, just getting a feel of the place, and I decide to look up at the sky. It has usually been blue but last time was a rainbow colour. Today I look up and it is a lovely darkish red. I think it’s sunset or something like that. Maybe the colours rotate from time to time to give more variation. It is usually very pretty. I can see some stars too, the sky is turning sort of purplish. I think the stars I see are neighbouring systems. I seem to be on a planet somewhere but not earth. It is in some other corner of the universe and I don’t recognise the constellations. I decide then to get up and walk a little ahead. Some glowing white beings stand in front of me. There are about four or five of them. 
“Hello” they say, “we have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, would you like to walk with us?” 

So I do, I walk side by side by them, on the right, they emit a very soothing aura and energy and make me feel at ease. We know I am a little nervous but that is okay. They are not mentioning it and being gentle with me, just allowing me to work it out on my own and come to terms with the energy.
We have come to a stop now and one of them points up to the sky, “very pretty isn’t it? I like it here, it’s very serene and very beautiful, I could come here on holiday”. 
I agree I like the place and offer them to visit when they feel like it, though consciously I feel nervous about this, in my imagination it feels courteous as if I am offering them my friendship. I don’t really know them but they seem nice enough and I wouldn’t mind some company at times.
Then we sit down on the patch of grass below us. There is a circle of energy that starts glowing around us in lots of different bright colours. Mostly pinks and golds, they are interacting like living streams of water and energy. It is playing, showing us what it wants us to see, showing us ourselves…. but it’s more than that. It is showing us happiness and love and joy and fun. It is singing for us, using the vibrant colours and dancing lights. It is putting on a show. And the circle expands and grow bigger and larger, morphing over us and above us and creating a thick white light pillar that extends to the heavens and back. And we are all around this center of white light, in a sense worshipping it. Praising and praying to it. It seems like something holy and divine….. but it is also very strong and powerful and too much more than I can take as I am starting to feel a little nausea…
I decided to ask if we could back off a little bit.
“Of course, and we can just turn down the intensity a bit, here, let us turn it down for you”…. the stream of white light thins until there is nothing left, and we get up and walk around the field again. It seems like our time here for now is done, I feel that sense of closing, but they seem friendly and I have said that they can always come back if they feel like it, or when I am in the place for receiving visitors. They nod and vanish, leaving me on my own in my garden patch. I go back to the bench again and decide to sit on the ground below it instead to get some more ground energy in me. There is some sort of pink tulip in front of me…. now I notice it there are a few nearby the bench. I look at them rather entranced and then let them go, and leave my garden for now. Goodbye….


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