Taking my Leave from SpiritualForums.com

I’ve been a long time user of spiritualforums.com and make reference here to it often especially as I have a yourspace blog there that I tend to update more regularly for any members there who are interested. It has tended to be more a diary/journal for me than a blog but lately I think I’m making the shift back to here at least in part. I’ve lost a lot of my desire to spend time on there and have more or less completely stopped using the twin flame subforum, as well as the other subforums, I think I was feeling this for the entire past half year but it wasn’t right to leave then as it seems the only reason I was on it or rather the main purpose was to meet my other half on there. Though I did learn a lot in my time there and really appreciate all the peeps who helped contribute towards my growth (especially the ones who irritated me because it gave me the chance to take a good look at myself and my wounds which needed healing still)… I don’t feel I have anything more to learn or contribute anymore.
They say that when you come into full union with a true twin flame you’ve completed all your lessons and there’s nothing more for you to do. I can understand that actually. At first I rejected that idea as we’re all human and we’re always exploring and learning new things, but in essence now I get what it’s saying… when you come into full sustained union you have completely embodied love and living in that reality… there’s nothing left to learn in the sense of ‘how to love’… but there is always further to expand and of course continue to clear out in the emotional body. I would call that karma, but karma as a traditional concept is not something I believe in, per se. I prefer Mel’s interpretation of it which is how I’ve always seen it… when you act something out it creates an emotional imprint and those negative emotional imprints are what we have to clear out to be fully clear. I’m not at that stage yet and you’d probably be hard pressed to find a human who is, enlightened or not, but we can get close to that stage anyway and to an acceptable level of inner wholeness and self-realisation.

So, I will say I am far from being perfect! But I am at a stage I think where I’m a living, walking, breathing expression of divine love and that is how I have got to the point of full union which really is heaven in a sense, there is no struggling, no fighting, no resistance, and no shadow-self to fall back into. There’s just peace and contentedness, and happiness. And part of leaving spiritualforums for me is pursuing that positive energy and going with that flow. The forums I think are, I don’t want to say “full of negative energy” because it’s not true when looking at the larger picture, but I think I’m at that stage now where I don’t need them anymore. They are not relevant to my growth. I have all the answers inside myself I could possibly need. And I always knew that anyway but I think I just wanted that spiritual companionship too which I would visit for. But it’s unnecessary now because my other half is really the only companionship I need. He understands me fully, we are compatible in every way- there is that mental connection which allows me to continue to build up those realisations in our own reflection. 

So in that sense there’s nothing for me to contribute anymore, I don’t feel the mental connection between me and the forums anymore, I think. It’s not the same.. And I don’t think there is much for people to learn from me anymore…. I feel too far removed from people’s realities there. I have been on a huge journey, I have been through all the stages and whilst you’d think someone who has been through all the stages would have the most to contribute for others going through that similar journey, I think it’s more like- people have to learn themselves and there’s nothing I can say that will help really as they are at their own place and will have to make all the mistakes that we all make on these journeys. What I mean is that people can’t jump steps, and they also often can’t see past what’s right in front of them, so that means me and my advice is effectively invisible until they get to that same place of full acceptance inside themselves and then maybe union with a true twin flame rather than the karmic ones everyone is moping over (been there done that….).

So maybe it’s true what they say, those who are truly in union are living it, in their happiness, rather than unnecessarily debating and arguing points on the forum and trying to convince others about their truth (which doesn’t need defending as just like love, truth can speak for itself). Also though, there’s just that feeling of needing to move on. The energy is taking me in a different direction. There is something new coming for me, something more interesting and fun and productive for both me and everyone else. Something far more effective than going on spiritualforums. I have done a lot of good there I think but there is just the sense of hitting a brick wall when I think of visiting now- I can’t do it. If I continued I would be resisting my true self, it’s not there anymore, it’s taking me elsewhere. Where exactly I can’t say or see, I can just feel something great coming and I have to make space for it. I have to let go of my old life, of the old me, and embrace the new, embrace the higher vibration which is more fully in alignment with who I really am.

I want to say to anyone who is reading this from there- I am extremely grateful for all the time I’ve spent on there with you all but now I think the time is for me to move on. I may visit from time to time, probably continue with my diary/journal entries at least for the time being but I may just end up deactivating completely at some point- I don’t want the distraction anymore. And instead I’ll likely just continue updating here a little more often instead(and writing how much I love my other half since I’ve been feeling inspired to share that for anyone who comes across this!). I have wrapped up yet another stage of my life, and the past year and a half has been very enlightening for me as much as it has been trying, but it’s time to move onto the next happier chapter now! It’s a new day a new dawn a new life for me and I’m feeling good! 

One thought on “Taking my Leave from SpiritualForums.com

  1. I do understand how you feel about the Spiritual Forums. I feel much the same. I only really go to your and my yourspace as well as my channeling thread, and that is it.

    I do hope we can keep in contact, if not that is ok.


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