Sinbad No Bouken

Not often I write about other things on here, but I was inspired to write about a character I really love from an anime I also really love. I was just watching this fanvid (posted below) and I never realised what the lyrics of this his character song was before. In the original anime Magi we don’t see too much on his back story though everyone get’s that he’s pretty much the most badass character in the anime anyway, but this side series of his ‘Sinbad No Bouken’ really highlights so much of his character. In Magi we see him half fallen into depravity and I have to admit, although it was ‘attractive’ at first, it then became disgusting for me to pay attention to.

His manipulativeness in his older years is something I’m still dealing inside myself with this whole power/control issue thing with this entity in my solar plexus. And I guess that is why I love him so much.. more so when he was younger. I think I see myself reflected in him. He’s a young boy with a dream to change the world. He has so much passion and is completely fearless.. and of course as we see in Magi he is on his way to accomplishing his dream, which is uniting the world as one (though he’s BOUND to have some nasty run ins with Kouen in later eps.. I’m waiting for the fanfic!)

Anyway, all that about him is so inspiring. I haven’t been inspired by anyone is such a long time, it is pretty weird. But he’s just so great! Look at these lyrics:
Come, let’s advance through the path we believe in
With our own hands, let’s open the way
With the light guiding us, let’s intertwine our hands and recover our true selves


Now is the time
Have faith, let us establish our hearts and souls, we are one
Hand-in-hand, together, we shall aim and build the world in our dreams


Come, let’s advance through the path we believe in
The world will now be reborn
With our hands intertwined, let’s recover our hearts and souls, we are one
With the light guiding us, come, let’s begin a brand new legend

How is that NOT inspiring?? (I feel like I’m turning into Rose with all this passionate blogging about one man. Lol) I really love this guy though so much. Even though I still feel a distaste for his later manipulative tendencies. Sometimes it’s just nice to obsess about something without thinking about what it means for my growth, though that’s pretty much automatic habit by now anyway. It’s nice to just have a fangirl moment from time to time! 😉

I am not a huge reader but I have read some of the Sinbad No Bouken manga, (actually all of it- bring out a new chapter already! :() and there are loads of inspiring things he said that I was forever taking snapshots of and tweeting. I’ll put some of my favourites here:

(Also, can we talk about how lush Daisuke Ono’s voice is??? I did NOT know that he voiced Sebastian Michaelis and so many other awesome characters too!)

“I will use this power to…”

“If I don’t realise it, who will?”

And from the recent third OVA:

He’s just so enthusiastic as a kid! He’s only 14 in Sinbad No Bouken. So young yet so wise. I guess that is another way I relate to him. Though I wasn’t that wise at his age.

But then, later on in Magi it’s behaviour like this that turns me off:
And it’s weird because that was the thing that made me really attracted to his character initially. But that is the nature of projection for you. At least I can love my 14 year old Sinbad in peace! 😉

(Or ya know, I could just deal with my shadow issues and then it wouldn’t be a problem. But we’re not talking about that now).

I’m looking forward to seeing how he even became half-fallen in the first place though. That’s gotta be an interesting story. I hope he doesn’t go all the way. Though likely he will, and then something will save him. They gotta make the plot dramatic.

Funny thing.. I wouldn’t have really even paid him any attention if it wasn’t for Kougyoku’s on-screen fangirling. The writers really know how to keep you hooked.

Anyway, such a cool complex character. Very fascinating to me! And now I should go to sleep and stop writing because it’s late and I think my fingers don’t know how to stop writing since starting my website.

(If only I knew how to put all this writing energy into all the emails I have yet to reply to!)

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